The Worst Airlines In The World Ranked: Iberia, RyanAir, Royal Jordanian Make The 'Miss' List

Flying today is not the luxurious experience it used to be, but there are some airlines that take the tragedy of flying to a whole new level.

Business Insider decided to name and shame the worst airlines in the world based on the findings of the flight compensation company AirHelp. The worst airlines in the world were so ranked based on a number of criteria, including quality of service, on-time performance, and claim processing. To make things fair to all airlines, those that couldn't produce all the metrics requested in the score weren't included in the ranking.

If you're looking for the top 10 best airlines in the world, according to AirHelp, look no further than Qatar Airways, who ranked the highest in the world for on-time performance, quality of service, and claims processing. Also in the top 10 best airlines in the world were such airlines as Lufthansa, Eithad Airways (based in the UAE), Singapore Airlines, South African Airways, Austrian Airlines, Greece-based Aegean Airlines, Australia-based Qantas, Air Malta, and Richard Branson-owned Virgin Atlantic.

But insofar as the worst airlines, the bottom 13 has a bit of a history of being less-than-desirable.

For example, TAP Portugal has been consistently ranked as having "the most handsome crew" in the world, but all those good looks can't make up for the fact that they only have a 69 percent on-time performance rate (meaning that they're late almost 30 percent of the time).

While Jet2, a British budget airline, scored high for its on-time performance and customer service, it made the worst airlines list because of its poor claims processing score.

Indian-based Jet Airways was another low-scoring airline, earning only about a 60 percent performance percentage in each category of claims processing, customer service, and on-time performance.

Like Jet2, Aerolineas Argentinas scored high for its on-time performance and customer service, but extremely low in its claims processing.

RyanAir, the Ireland-based super-budget airline that boasts about being able to offer some flights for as low as $1 USD, is legendary for its various cost-cutting ways (including, according to The Points Guy, blaring advertisements throughout the plane during its flights). But even though they made the worst airlines list, they're still not considered the worst in the world.

The dubious honor of the worst in the world, unfortunately, goes to Wow Air, an Icelandic-based carrier that is nearly always on time for its flights but scored only one point (out of a possible nine) for its claims processing.So the next time you're looking to fly the friendly skies, avoid the worst airlines at all possible costs.