‘Parks And Rec’ To Be Renewed?

Parks And Rec

Parks and Rec, the NBC series that was otherwise known as doomed, is taking a turn for the better. According to a statistic site, Parks and Recs has been at an all-time series high for the second week in a row now. Now it’s pretty much “certain to be renewed” if the powers that be go by the ratings.

Parks and Recreation possibly being renewed for another season is a huge surprise. Back last May it was said that NBC would gently cancel the series, but then the network decided to give the show a 22-episode order, which was the only older sitcom on NBC to get that treatment, excluding The Office.

Its main star Amy Poehler sure has had a banner year despite going through a divorce. Earlier this month she co-hosted the Golden Globes which saw a ratings spike after years of being on a decline. In addition, Poehler also tried her hand a directing a few Parks and Recs episodes as well.

Recently Amy Poehler said about an experience on Parks and Rec:

“I play a wonderfully optimistic and funny character, and I’d grown very close to my coworkers, some of whom I probably wouldn’t be seeing for a while during the break. That last week I was feeling off. I would get really irritated over the littlest things, like someone cutting in front of me in traffic or my cell phone freezing up.”

Right now things seem to be wrapping up for her character Leslie Knope. Her character is currently planning a wedding to her true love Ben Wyatt, which should make for a hilarious time.

Are you excited about the possible renewal for Parks and Recreation?