Joy Reid Blog Posts Encouraged Readers To Watch ‘Loose Change 9/11’ Conspiracy Films

Even AgostiniInvision / AP Images

Old blog entries reportedly written by Joy Reid are leaving some wondering whether she is or was a 9/11 truther.

Reid is the progressive pundit who hosts the MSNBC political talk show AM Joy on weekends from 10 a.m. to noon Eastern and enjoys a following among the anti-Trump #Resistance movement.

Previous blog entries have become problematic for the commentator. In December 2017, Reid issued a lengthy apology for unearthed blog posts that she wrote about Florida politician Charlie Crist, the ex-governor and current congressman, a former Republican and independent who is now a Democrat, in which she apparently implied that he was a closeted gay man. Reid authored the material about 10 years ago when she was a Florida political blogger and talk show host.

Last month, additional blog posts emerged that contained homophobic content. Reid claimed that her blog was retroactively hacked, but subsequently seemed to back away from that premise, which was immediately disputed by the Internet Archive which operates the Wayback Machine. On her show, she apologized to the LGBTQ community for what she described as despicable and offensive material.

In the latest development, the now-inactive website apparently had published content relating to a conspiracy theory about the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, BuzzFeed News reported.

“MSNBC host Joy Reid encouraged readers of her now-defunct blog to watch an infamous 9/11 conspiracy documentary, according to recently discovered posts shared with BuzzFeed News. A March 22, 2006, post to her weblog, Reidblog, archived by the Wayback Machine and titled ‘The official story,’ links to Loose Change 9/11, a viral 80-minute web video originally released in 2005. Loose Change, which was produced in part by Infowars’ Alex Jones, alleged that the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center were in fact planned by the US government. The central claims in Loose Change have been widely debunked.”

Apparently, the blog presented additional skeptical content, BuzzFeed added.

“In a March 2006 post titled ‘Flashback: September 30, 2001,’ Reid’s blog notes that the US government identified the plotters suspiciously soon. It then repeats common truther questions about the collapse of the WTC 7 building, which was not hit by an airplane.”

Neither Joy Reid nor MSNBC has provided a comment to BuzzFeed or any other news agency as yet about the Loose Change revelation.

Last night, FNC anchor Tucker Carlson “discussed other Reid posts unearthed on the archive site from 2005 and 2006 in which she criticized illegal immigration and the Democratic party, and heralded Fox Business Network host Lou Dobbs,” USA Today reported. “Reid, who in the past has criticized Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, wouldn’t make those comments now or ‘MSNBC would fire her right away,’ Carlson said.”

In the aftermath of the Roseanne cancellation, many on the right “have complained about a double standard among the networks for failing to censure Reid and other hosts…while Barr’s show was axed,” USA Today added. In addition to Joy Reid, this includes liberal luminaries such as Keith Olbermann, Jemele Hill, Jimmy Kimmel, Joy Behar, among others. Comedienne Samantha Bee was just forced to apologize for a vile obscenity about Ivanka Trump.

Parenthetically, Hillary Clinton supporter Joy Reid has repeatedly denounced alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 election. It turned out, though, that she was the favorite pundit of Russian trolls who retweeted her the most, based on an analysis of the Robert Mueller indictment of 13 Russian nationals and three Russian companies in February.

In an update, BuzzFeed News reports that the Joy Reid blog in 2007 “published an image of Senator John McCain’s head photoshopped onto the body of Virginia Tech shooter Seung-Hui Cho…It’s unclear from the post if the photoshopped image was created by Reid, shared by her from another source, or inserted by a hacker.”