May 26, 2018
Tami Roman Takes 'Bonnet Chronicles' On The Road As Her Daughter Lyric Debuts Her Own Web-Series

Basketball Wives LA star, Tami Roman, who starred on the first season of MTV's The Real World, has set social media on fire with her hilarious Bonnet Chronicles. The reality TV veteran's comedy career is flourishing and she's now on tour. Tami's Bonnet Chronicles began when the television personality decided to upload uncut video clips of herself in a bonnet while commenting on scandals in the celebrity world. Tami teamed up with TIDAL and now the series can be seen exclusively on the website, according to Rolling Out. Roman made certain to tell fans that there's a 90-day free trial before they incur any billing from the streaming music site.

The highly successful series was executive produced by Roman and Ernest Dukes. The Bonnet Chronicles on TIDAL is a bi-weekly scripted series based on Tami's unapologetic Instagram persona, "Petty Betty," and her colorful family.

In the first episode of the Bonnet Chronicles, Betty, who is a single mom to her son, Kenny, has fallen on difficult times and are forced to deal with their new life.

Tami was also one of the few to predict Cardi B's pregnancy. When Cardi B denied pregnancy rumors, Roman was convinced the rapper was pregnant, despite her adamant claims of just developing a healthy appetite, according to VH1.

The "Be Careful" singer was not pleased by the commentary, although 47,000 of Tami's Instagram followers engaged with the content through liking and sharing.

Tami's next stop on her tour for the Bonnet Chronicles will be this June in New Jersey. The actress has high expectations for the upcoming show.

Meanwhile, Tami's daughter, Lyric Chanel, has been working on her own projects. Both Tami and Lyric released a teaser for Lyric's Life Series.
Roman's personal life has also taken a turn for the better as she and boyfriend of five years, Reggie Youngblood, have decided to take their relationship to the next level. On the last episode of Basketball Wives LA, Roman and Youngblood discussed the possibility of marriage. In addition to this, the mom-of-two was also seen in BBWLA teasers getting fitted for a wedding dress.

On Monday, the BBWLA star shared a photo to her SnapChat story of matching tattoos that she got with Reggie, according to VH1. The tattoos were on their ring fingers.

Roman captioned the photo, "the couple that prays together, stays together." The happy couple shared snapshots of their Cabo vacation while riding dirt bikes in the desert. The getaway seemed to be more of a family vacation as Roman's daughter Jazzy was seen in photos as well.

The comedian recently appeared on the Al Rucker Show and spoke about women's empowerment with radio personality Julian "JJ" Simmons.