Ivanka Trump And Jared Kushner Will Be The Subjects Of A Scathing New Book By Vicky Ward

Vanity Fair writer Vicky Ward is working on a book about Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, and they aren't going to like it. Ward is planning on exposing Kushner and Trump for using the White House and the presidency for their own gain in what she has called "a horrifying kleptocracy." According to Ward, the first daughter and her husband have been picking the White House clean for their own gain.

In a 2017 interview, Ward said that both Kushner and Trump have been running their own agenda since Donald Trump took office, says Page Six.

"The White House is turning into the [Jared] Kushner piggy bank and the Trump piggy bank."

And for anyone who thought that Ivanka would be an asset to the American people, Ward says that they're wrong because she is running her own agenda to promote her brand.

"What she is doing is wearing clothes. She's in a business that sells clothes, shoes. That's what she does."

Obviously, Kushner and Trump are not assisting Ward on her book project, and they have reportedly asked friends and family to not participate in any way for the new book. It is being reported that Ward has contacted Kushner's brother, Josh, and Josh Kushner's girlfriend, Karlie Kloss, who have both spoken out against the Trump administration.

The Daily Mail says that Ward, who now writes for the Huffington Post, has been tight-lipped about her new Kushner-Trump project, but she has spoken on the record about why she believes that Kushner and Trump continue to work for the Trump administration, and she says it's all about them and their future. She says that the power couple is so interested in promoting themselves that they have hired a public relations firm to keep them in the news internationally.

"They're very good at public relations, Jared and Ivanka. They've just hired a Hollywood public relations person. I know from personal experience, having reported on them, having reported on Jared, all the leaks... you know, every time you see a person close to Jared, that is Jared talking."

But anyone who thinks Jared and Ivanka are planning to pack up and leave Washington, D.C., anytime soon would be wrong because the two are said to be house hunting in their current neighborhood of Kalorama and Georgetown because they are ready to give up their rental, says Politico. Sources with knowledge of the real estate search say that the 7,000 square foot rental is not enough space for their family and they want to upgrade.

"They are actively looking because they're unhappy with the place they're in."