Meghan Markle Has Invited Her ‘TV Husband’ Patrick J. Adams To The Royal Wedding, ‘The Blast’ Reports

Meghan Markle is a couple of days away from marrying into the British royal family, but that doesn’t mean that she’s forgotten her TV husband from Suits, Patrick J. Adams. The Blast reports that Markle invited her former co-star to the wedding of the year that’s coming up in just about a week’s time. And he isn’t the only actor from the show who’s invited to the ceremony at Windsor Castle. According to The Blast, Gabriel Macht, who plays Harvey Specter on the show, also reportedly received an invitation.

Macht and Adams journeyed to the U.K. this week for the occasion, The Blast claims.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Patrick J. Adams told an interviewer a couple months ago that he no longer had Megan Markle’s phone number which fueled some speculation that she had cut off people from her old life. But, if the news is true that Meghan invited Patrick and Gabriel to the wedding, then it means she hasn’t turned her back on her Hollywood friends even though she’s on her way to getting an official royal title.

Interestingly enough, both Meghan and Patrick’s characters, Mike Ross and Rachel Zane, left the show at the end of Season 7 after Ross and Zane got married on the show and moved to Seattle.

As for other names on the royal wedding invitation list, we do have an idea who’s not on it: Meghan Markle’s family members. Her half-brother and half-sister, Thomas Markle Jr and Samantha Markle, have both told the press that they haven’t received invitations, the Express reports.

The Sun reports that there will be fewer wedding guests at Harry and Meghan’s wedding than there were at William and Kate’s wedding in 2011. But approximately 600 people are expected to be there. As The Sun notes, over 2,000 members of the public have been invited to view some of the pomp and ceremony on the Windsor Castle grounds. Around half of those people will be leaders from charitable organizations tied to causes Meghan and Prince Harry support.

Other guests on the Windsor Castle grounds will include 100 pupils from two local schools, over 600 Windsor Castle community members, and more than 500 members of The Royal Household and The Crown Estate.