Steven Brooks Arrest: Nevada Lawmaker Jailed For Threatening To Shoot Colleague

steven-brooks-arrest-2013 nevada-lawmaker-jailed-for-threatening-to-shoot-colleague

A Nevada lawmaker was arrested this weekend after he allegedly threatened to shoot the Speaker-elect of the Nevada state legislature, Marilyn Kirkpatrick.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, assemblyman Steven Brooks was arrested Saturday evening with a loaded gun on him after threatening his Democratic colleague earlier in the day.

The LVRJ writes:

“Brooks had been telling people Kirkpatrick’s ‘first day as speaker would be her last.'”

The Las Vegas Sun reports that Brooks threatened to shoot her because he was unhappy with the Nevada Legislature committee assignments Kirkpatrick gave to him.

During the course of the preliminary investigation, officers received corroborating witness statements supporting the victim’s report and began a search for Brooks.

At about 5:30 pm, Brooks, 40, was spotted driving in his hometown where he was taken into custody without incident during a traffic stop.

He was charged with a felony – intimidating a public officer with physical force – and bail was set at $100,000, the city jail’s website reveals.

If he’s convicted, Brooks would lose his right to own a firearm. In Nevada it’s illegal for anyone with a felony conviction to own a gun.

A Nevada legislator who requested anonymity said Kirkpatrick was shaken but doing fine.

Fox News notes Brooks’ arrest comes a little more than two weeks before the February 4 start of the legislative session. Democrats control both houses of the Nevada Legislature.

“It’s a distraction going into the session, but we’re confident that authorities are looking into it and taking appropriate steps,” said Assembly Majority Leader William Horne.

KTVN News has more on Assemblyman Steven Brook’s arrest in the video below: