George H.W. Bush Released From Hospital, 'Happy To Return Home'

Carter Lee

As reported by KHOU 11, President George H.W. Bush is happy to be back home after being released from Methodist Hospital, in Houston, Texas. Jim McGrath, a Bush family spokesman, tweeted on Friday evening that George H.W. Bush was discharged from Methodist Hospital after being treated for an infection. The tweet stated that his doctors report that he is doing well, and Bush is "happy to return home."

George Bush, 93, was hospitalized approximately two weeks ago, on April 22, just one day after attending the funeral for his wife, Barbara. He was admitted with an infection that spread to sepsis (the occurrence in tissues of harmful bacteria and their toxins), which can be life-threatening at his age. Bush was in critical condition when he was admitted, and there were concerns on if he would make it through because of the drops in his blood pressure.

Barbara Bush passed away in April at the age of 92. Her death took a toll on the former president, as they were well known to be inseparable and in love until the very end. Barbara was also the mother of George W. Bush, the 43rd president of the United States. George H.W. Bush attended the funeral in a wheel chair and greeted well wishers who were there to pay respects to his wife, including Michelle and Barack Obama and Melania Trump. Shortly after, Bush was taken to the hospital and had remained under care until today.

Bush is expected to continue convalescing at home, but he will reportedly not let this medical setback ruin his summer plans.

As USA Today documented, Jim McGrath commented shortly after George H.W. Bush was hospitalized.

"The 41st President wants to go to Maine this summer. He's the most goal-oriented person on the planet, and I would not bet against him."

— Jim McGrath (@jgm41) May 4, 2018

He said that he was moved by the Houston Methodist announcement and that the atrium is beautiful. But that "recent developments notwithstanding," he has not taken up residence at the hospital. George H.W. Bush commented that though the entire staff are very nice, he is going to be "outta here" the second he gets the green light.

— George Bush (@GeorgeHWBush) May 3, 2018