Kanye West Blames Taylor Swift For 2016 Breakdown

Larry BusaccaGetty Images

In what might be his most bizarre post-2018 return to Twitter statement yet, rapper Kanye West placed the blame for his 2016 nervous breakdown on pop singer Taylor Swift (don’t worry though, he’s likely to say something stranger soon).

On Tuesday, TMZ reported that Yeezy released an interview with Charlamagne tha God, and in that discussion, he explained the events that led to his November 2016 hospitalization. Ultimately, Taylor Swift, whom he so rudely interrupted during her VMAs acceptance speech, played a role in his breakdown.

Apparently, he and Kim posting video “proof” that T Swift knew about the infamous lyric in Kanye’s song “Famous” radically changed his relationship with radio play. Ye said things have never been the same with his radio relationship since that time. Admittedly, he wanted Life of Pablo to receive lots of airtime, and the album didn’t air as much on the radio because of his feud with Swift. Ultimately, that situation messed with his head and ended up landing him in a room at UCLA Medical Center where he spent about a week.

Of course, T Swift wasn’t the only significant source of stress in Yeezy’s life in 2016, but the feud added on top of other things like a strenuous schedule of tour date performances and his wife, Kim Kardashian, getting robbed at gunpoint in Paris. Everything together left the rapper feeling out of control and fearful, and ultimately, he had to take some time off to himself and heal.

It’s been quite the moment for West. He shocked fans with his recent return to Twitter, according to a Pop Sugar report. He also began writing a philosophy book in real time, he released a song called “Lift Yourself” with a verse all about poop, and he ended up getting banned from California by rapper Daz Dillinger over his views on President Donald Trump.

Could this mean that the Kanye and Taylor feud lives on? Perhaps time will tell. West has a new album coming out soon, and he might address this situation in more detail in one (or more) of the tracks on it. It does seem like Swift addressed it in last year’s song “Reputation.” The beef goes on.