HBO Decides To Cancel Alan Ball's 'Here And Now' After Just One Season And Fans Are Not Happy

HBO has ceremoniously decided to pull the plug on Alan Ball's television drama Here and Now after just one season, and many fans are less than pleased with the network's decision.

As Deadline report, HBO has released their official statement thanking Alan Ball for his creative approach to television and wishing him a fond farewell after the season finale of Here and Now.

"After careful consideration we have decided not to move forward with a second season of Here and Now. We thank Alan for his dedication to innovative storytelling, and we look forward to his next endeavor."
Here and Now was a unique and bracing television show that featured an emotionally tortured Tim Robbins as a philosophy professor and Holly Hunter as his idealistic wife, who dedicated her life to fixing the world's wrongs in the non-profit sector.

Together, the couple performed a grand experiment by broadening their family of one biological child and adopting and rearing multi-racial children from Columbia, Vietnam, and Liberia while instilling them with their own progressive values and beliefs.

When the family's son Ramon begins to experience mystical visions which his family fears are hallucinations that may be a precursor to schizophrenia, they take him to visit a psychiatrist with which Ramon is clearly linked to, and it soon becomes clear that Ramon is actually witnessing horrific scenes from the psychiatrist's past in his intense and frightening visions.

With actor Daniel Zovatto playing Ramon in Here and Now to perfection, the audience slowly watched scenes unfold from the psychiatrist's childhood which Ramon channeled and unknowingly unincorporated into a computer game he was creating.

The addition of the psychiatrist's modern Muslim family, with a son who enjoyed donning a hijab and attending noon prayers at the local mosque with Ramon's sister, was an endearing and welcome addition to the cast of Here and Now, with religious and philosophical questions often being asked of the audience.

With such a complex and intriguing show, it should come as no surprise that fans are perplexed at what they consider to be HBO's rash decision of canceling the drama. As one fan wrote on Twitter, "Are you kidding me? I just binged watched the first season," with another adding that they were done with HBO.

"@HBO Just went back to watching HBO and Here and Now. Loved the cast. Now I learn it's cancelled. Boo hiss. Going back to Netflix. Our reunion is over."
Other fans of Here and Now have strongly suggested that Alan Ball take his innovative drama elsewhere where it will be truly appreciated, with one viewer suggesting that Netflix book it for another season.Whether another network will pick up Here and Now after HBO's cancellation is anybody's guess, but fans of the show are of the opinion that it would be a shame to let such an excellent show and cast disappear forever.