Yoshiki Is Ready To Rock Coachella

X Japan

X Japan’s Yoshiki will bring an international flavor that will guarantee to get heads turning at one of the biggest music festivals in the entire world this weekend.

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival will welcome fans from all across the globe starting today. The trendy and highly lucrative festival, which takes place over the course of two three-day weekends in Indio, California is set to feature a variety of the most talked about and established entertainers in the music industry. Some of the names that are scheduled to perform include Beyonce, Post Malone, Tyler the Creator, Cardi B, and Eminem.

X-Japan joins this year’s elite lineup by being the only hard rock act to play the festival this year, according to Forbes. The legendary Japanese band have sold over 30 million albums across the globe, with diehard fans who travel far and wide to support the beloved megastars who have been through it all, and experienced their fair share of personal tragedy. Former lead guitarist Hideto “Hide” Matsumoto committed suicide in 1998, and bassist Taiji Sawada was removed from life support by his family in 2011 after his own suicide attempt.

Yoshiki recently sat down with the Inquisitr in an exclusive interview, detailing his excitement for X Japan’s enormous moment this Saturday night, in addition to spilling new details about the band’s latest album — the first in almost 22 years, which will drop in a couple of months. X-Japan’s last full-length album was 1996’s Dahlia.

“Coachella is very eclectic. At the beginning, we were a little nervous because we are a rock band. Not that many rock acts are performing,” says Yoshiki as he prepares for his upcoming California gig. “At the same time, X Japan is very eclectic, too.”

The 2017 stage gave fans a great experience.
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He’s not kidding about the eclectic part either. Yoshiki speaks with a refined elegance while also finding himself in the most glam-punk-rock situations. In less than one year after having an emergency spinal surgery, the passionate and fired up Yoshiki posted a clip on his Instagram account of him leaping into a sold-out crowd in Tokyo last Tuesday night. He was seen crowd surfing to his heart’s content while leading fans to shout his popular catchphrase, “We are X.” Yoshiki’s recovery from such a major operation is nothing short of incredible, and he credits his tenacious comeback due to his loyal supporters.

“I exist because of my fans,” states Yoshiki. “It’s a lot to conquer. I always think anything is possible, and nothing is impossible. For me to even exist in this world, I need to keep helping people. Helping people also helps me too.”

Many fans thought that the next X Japan album would never happen, but just like Yoshiki’s positive philosophy, it is a reality that is just around the corner. The 52-year-old heavy metal star reassured fans that 2018 is the year of new music that has been a long time in the making.

“All of the tracks are done. We are very close,” Yoshiki excitedly told the Inquisitr. “I think we are going to be releasing it in late summer, or early fall. I think we have a special album.”

Yoshiki’s upcoming Coachella performance will be his first major concert with X Japan since the band dazzled the Wembley Arena in London last March. It is speculated that X Japan’s set on Saturday will feature holograms of both the deceased Hide and Taiji, according to Consequence of Sound. Before making his monumental Coachella debut, Yoshiki hinted that the fans who decide to be in attendance for X Japan’s set, which runs opposite of Beyonce’s performance, will be in for a special treat.

“We will rock Coachella’s audience.”

X Japan is set to play Coachella on April 14 and 21.