'The Division' Updates With Improved Drop Rates On Classified Items, New Global Events

David Stonecipher

Agents of Tom Clancy's The Division can find more loot in more areas after today's update. Patch 18.1 increases the drop rate of Classified items throughout the game, introduces a targeted cache during Global Events, and adds all exotic weapons to world boss drop pools. The new loot changes are accompanied by a few vendor changes, game changes, and two new Global Events. The 18.1 update is now live on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One as noted on The Division website.

This month, players can earn new commendations and experience the Blackout Global Event. The modifiers in Blackout center around Shock Ammo. Players can build up their charge meter to instantly melee kill enemies during this event. Next month, the Onslaught event debuts letting players of The Division switch the type of elemental damage they do after they reload. According to the patch notes, enemies will be resistant to certain elements and vulnerable to another.

Of course, Global Events are only around for a limited time. The new loot and vendor changes are always active in The Division after the update. Classified item drop rates are increased in general. Legendary missions now have a 20 percent chance to reward a Classified item while season pass caches and survival caches have a 10 percent chance to offer a Classified item.

Exotic items are easier to obtain now, too. All exotic-quality items can now be found in the game's PvE world map. All world bosses can now drop any of the exotic items in The Division. Additionally, exotic items that are available from the Premium Vendor are no longer diluting the exotic drop pool. These items are no longer dropped by enemies because players can simply purchase them from the vendor.

The Special Vendor in The Division is updated in the 18.1 patch as well. This vendor now offers a Classified Gear cache for Phoenix Credits. This cache contains one Classified piece from any of the available sets. During a Global Event, a new cache is available for Global Event credits. This targeted cache is guaranteed to contain a Classified piece of gear from a specific set. For instance, the Banshee cache will reward a piece of Banshee Classified Gear.

Today's update to The Division also introduces legendary difficultly for the Amherst's Apartment and Grand Central Station missions. Xbox One X enhancements, bug fixes, and more are also part of the patch. The upcoming Shields system is not part of the patch, however. As the Inquisitr reported, this new system will allow players to earn unlocks for The Division 2 by playing The Division.