‘Time’ Cover Video Shows ‘Stormy’ Trump With His Hair And Tie Blowing In The Storm, Drowning In White House

Evan VucciAP Images

President Donald Trump is shown on the new cover of Time magazine, pictured in the Oval Office of the White House in a drowning situation. The illustration by Tim O’Brien for Time can be viewed below from their Facebook page, which has received nearly 10,000 Facebook reactions within one hour of being uploaded to the social sharing site. The drawing, which shows Trump amid a stormy sea of water within weather that blows his hair and red tie violently, also depicts Trump sitting with his fingertips touching and staring straight ahead as papers blow around him. “Stormy” is the sole word above Trump’s head beneath the Time magazine title.

According to the publication, the new cover story is a play on how Trump used his personal attorney, Michael Cohen, to try and weather the storm brought by an alleged cover-up of an alleged adulterous affair between Trump and adult film star Stormy Daniels, among other controversies. With more than 2,000 Facebook shares and hundreds of comments flowing into Facebook, some commentators are writing that they don’t care what Trump did before he was president, while others beg to vociferously differ.

On Twitter, Time posted a video version of the “Stormy” cover with Trump’s hair blowing and the stormy waters rising and billowing.


The Time video has been viewed 177,000 times thus far on the magazine’s Twitter page alone, having been published to the social network on Thursday, April 12. The Time video quickly received nearly 9,000 likes and was retweeted more than 4,000 times.

President Trump is quoted in the magazine as interrupting a meeting about Syria to say, “So I just heard that they broke into the office of one of my personal attorneys. Here we are talking about Syria, and I have this witch hunt constantly going on.”

Reactions to Trump being portrayed in such a way can be viewed in the comments sections of both social media sites.

On Twitter, photos of Trump on Time’s new cover are being compared to the photos of former President Barack Obama, who appeared on many covers of the magazine, looking distinguished. While some Trump supporters are decrying what they call is a “liberal media bias” being displayed by Time, others are calling the publication’s new “Stormy” cover of Trump spot-on.