Marlo Hampton Reveals More About Her Billionaire Ex Whom Andy Cohen Thinks Is Ted Turner

The preview for part 2 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 reunion show, set to air this coming Sunday, shows that Marlo Hampton will come under fire, especially from Kenya Moore, regarding exactly how she supports herself. The preview shows Marlo, when questioned by host Andy Cohen on what she does for a living, proclaiming that she dated a billionaire for five years that she invested the money that she got from him during their relationship well. The preview also shows Andy asking Marlo outright if the man she dated was Ted Turner. Marlo responds by quickly denying that she dated the media mogul.

Just who is this billionaire then? In two video interviews with Bravo recently posted on, Marlo revealed more about the wealthy man she dated for so many years. She also revealed more about exactly what she does to support herself nowadays.

In one video, Marlo revealed that it was her billionaire boyfriend who brought her the home viewers see on Real Housewives. Marlo lashed out at some of her co-stars for trying to accuse her of doing unsavory things for money when they know that she doesn't have a mortgage to pay because of her ex.

"I dated a billionaire. I don't have a mortgage. My homes are paid for. And what's crazy, Sheree knows, it's a true story. Like why are ya'll making up a story? NeNe knows the story. Neiman Marcus knows the story."
While Marlo didn't reveal who this ex is, she did say that she was in a serious relationship with him for five years and that he gifted her the home for her birthday about 10 years ago. She also talked about how much it means for her to have a home because of her past growing up in foster homes.
"Well we dated for five years so it was like a serious relationship. And my home I got for my birthday about 10 years ago. I'm about to get a little sensitive, let me stop. The home meant a lot to me and purchasing that, with me being in foster care, so I just feel I will always have a home. And it's always been a problem with me, in that I want a bigger closet, I want a bigger place, but I'm not moving till I can pay it off because I just never want to be evicted or lose it or try to keep up with the Joneses. To me having a home is so important."
In another video, Marlo Hampton talked about all the speculation regarding how she makes money.
"I've just never heard anyone that's just like, 'Where do you get your money from?' I mean I mentioned that, like what, six years ago? I told them where I get my money from. I've had a boutique. It's just crazy."
Marlo explained that she now does a lot of ghost styling.
"No I don't have the boutique now...I do style. I usually do a majority of ghost styling though. People you style but they don't want people to know they're being styled, maybe for a fashion blogger or maybe for just people who don't want to be known that they have a stylist. And I like that better but I feel good when I see my work out there, like, 'Hey, thanks for the check. You look fabulous.'"
Marlo further said that she got her love for fashion from her grandmother Arrie and mother Emma and that in their tribute she did a fashion line called Arrie and Emma that's going to have sunglasses and jewelry. Marlo then listed her other business endeavors.
"And then I also have a hair line and then I also have an eBay store and I also have I have a lot of things in the works. And real estate. I'm good at just about anything."
As previously reported by the Inquisitr, during a recent Watch What Happens Live appearance, Marlo's good friend and co-star NeNe Leakes explained that Marlo made money from fashion and called the speculation that she's an escort "crap."

Things will likely get interesting this coming Sunday when part 2 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 reunion show airs, when Marlo Hampton denies to Andy Cohen that the billionaire she dated was Ted Turner but adds that she doesn't "tell all her tea." Marlo then tells a critical Kenya Moore, who questions NeNe Leakes' renewed friendship with Marlo, to look up what she does online. Kenya quickly snaps back that she'll do that when she's looking for porn.