Polyvore Users Upset After Site Just Shuts Down, Gives Users No Warning

Mandy Robinson

The fashion website Polyvore is one that a ton of people love, but it just immediately shut down and didn't even give anyone a warning that it was going to close. Life & Style shared about how users are really unhappy with this shutdown. They also feel like they have lost a ton of time and energy they put into the site. This was a community-powered fashion website.

If you try to access the website, you are redirected to SSense instead. It is automatically routing fans to this new website. Everything that users posted on Polyvore is now gone. They didn't have a chance to back it up or save it. However, there may be a way some of it back. There is already a petition launched to bring the site back, but of course, if they wanted to close the site, then that petition won't do any good.

The reality is that Ssense now owns Polyvore and they took over the site and took it down. This happens a lot, but this time, the users are really upset about it. The apps are no longer around either. It does turn out that if you had a ton of work on their website you still have a chance to save it. Polyvore released a statement that says you can go to account-update.polyvore.com up to May 10, 2018, and get your work saved.

When using the site, people would save their sets and items that they liked. A lot of people used this site as a way to plan outfits and save clothing and accessories they plan to purchase. People also messaged each other on the site, and now feel like they have no way to get ahold of their friends who they made there.

A new site called ShopLook.io has popped up and is planning to replace Polyvore, but of course, nothing will ever be exactly the same. If they work it right, they may have the perfect timing to develop into a huge site.