‘Alaskan Bush People’ Update: Billy Brown Drops Over $400,000 On Property For A Mansion, Per ‘Radar Online’

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Folks either love or hate the hit Discovery show Alaskan Bush People and its stars, the Brown family. Despite all the controversy surrounding the family and the show, however, it continues to be a success. And, this latest controversy will probably prove to have the same effect as all the other controversies in the past.

According to Radar Online, Alaskan Bush People star Billy Brown just spent well over $400,000 on properties in rural Washington. The properties, which are located in Okanogan County, were purchased from Wilbur and Teresa Hallnuer in February of this year. In total, Brown bought four separate parcels of property, and though there’s nothing built on these properties, the report from Radar suggested that these properties will be the home of a brand-new mega-mansion for the Brown family. This just might be the new site of “Browntown” for future seasons of the show.

“One property is 65 acres. One is 190 acres. One is 40 acres and the last one is 140 acres. The total land mass bought by Mr. Brown is roughly 435 acres. And yes, he paid cash. The residents of Okanogan County are well aware of who Mr. Brown is and what his intentions are.”

There’s no word yet on whether the residents of the neighborhood are happy with the end result of these new purchases.

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Currently, the Alaskan Bush People are living in a $500,000 lodge in Palmer Lake, which is also in rural Washington. Billy and Ami Brown live there with six of the seven Brown children, and fans already know that Noah Brown doesn’t live with the family because of several problems that he’s been having with his mother, father, and siblings.

In addition, Ami Brown — whose cancer was reported to be in remission — is rumored to be “feeling weak,” leading some to believe that she’s currently battling cancer again. This could explain why the Brown family would want to move “Browntown” to Washington, and thus, make it easier for them to get to the hospital if Ami needs to be rushed in for an emergency.

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It should be interesting to see what response, if any, the residents have to the Brown family, who are currently filming the next season of Alaskan Bush People, and if the cameras will follow the Browns to their new mega-mansion.