Adam Rippon Says He Received Death Threats For Being Openly Gay

Adam Rippon, 2018 Winter Olympics bronze medalist, was on The Domenick Nati Show where he talked to Domenick about via phone. The figure skater was asked about backlash from being the first openly gay Olympic athlete and if he received any death threats. Rippon said, "yeah I did, I received all sorts of threats, I received all sorts of negative comments and emails." The Olympic athlete said their comments don't matter and was surprised at the amount of time they took to find him and write him those negative messages, saying "I wish I had that much time to [just like] waste but I don't."

Domenick asked Rippon if he was interested in any reality TV and would he consider Dancing with the Stars. Rippon would like to have his own show but doesn't know what that will be yet. Regarding reality TV, the athlete said if an opportunity with Dancing with the Stars arises, he would definitely consider it. Adam added that he would be nervous, he had never performed with a partner before and it would be something that would really push him outside his comfort zone but he was always up for a good challenge.

Domenick asked Rippon about meeting Sally Field's son and how the meeting came about. The figure skater said he was at the Human Rights Campaign dinner and someone came up to him and told him Sally Field's son is here. Rippon said he just had to find him and meet him and he did. Adam said, "we chatted for a little bit and yeah, we are friends" and it was nice to finally meet him with all the press. Rippon was asked if he was keeping in touch with Field's son and if there was a chance of them dating in the future. The bronze medalist invited Sally Field and her son to his next show in California and hoped he would come. Sam Greisman, Sally Field's son, met Rippon at the 2018 Human Rights Campaign gala in Los Angeles, according to Time.

Adam Rippon
Getty Images | Marianna Massey

Domenick told Rippon Ellen DeGeneres was interested in working with him and asked if there was a possibility of them working together. The figure skater responded that "anything is a possibility right now" and he has loved her since he was a kid and she was his role model and is open to "working with her more closely" in the future. However, he said he doesn't really know what's next and was taking his time to decide on his future. According to Page Six, Adam Rippon and Ellen are teaming up for an undisclosed TV project.

Rippon was asked about Lance Bass and his husband deciding on whose sperm to use for a baby, and the skater's answer was Lance Bass. Rippon was asked who his celebrity crush was, and he said it was an ever-changing subject for him. The Olympian had moved from Harry Styles to Shawn Mendes but he thinks Jake Gyllenhaal is his celebrity crush. Domenick asked Rippon if he voted for Donald Trump and he said there was no way that he voted for Trump. Adam Rippon said he wouldn't vote for Donald Trump on his darkest day or deepest blackout.