‘To Be Hero’ Season 2 Release Date Confirmed For 2018: ‘To Be Heroine’ Trailer Shows Anime Sequel’s Story

Studio LAN, Haoliners, And Emon'To Be Hero 2' Anime Key Visual

The To Be Hero Season 2 release date has officially been confirmed for the spring of 2018 anime season. Originally listed as simply To Be Hero 2 back in 2017, the name has since been changed to To Be Heroine.

The second season is apparently a direct sequel to the To Be Hero anime, but the new title may reflect a major change in the story. The anime series is an original story by Studio LAN and Haoliners Animation League, which means the plot is not based on a To Be Hero manga or light novel series.

The To Be Heroine anime release date is scheduled for May 19, 2018. The original series had 12 episodes, but each episode was only 11 minutes long for a total of 132 minutes. The To Be Hero 2 anime will end in only seven episodes, but technically it’s a longer second season since each episode is 24 minutes long for a total of 168 minutes. In short, it is the length of a decent-sized anime movie despite being presented as an anime season.

Studio LAN and Emon are collaborating on animating the series. Director Li Haolin will return to produce the To Be Heroine anime, but he’s also credited as the original creator of the story. LAN also returns as chief animation director and character designer.

Sakugabooru believes that the To Be Heroine anime will be “quite the improvement over an already promising little series.”

“Its predecessor To Be Hero was in many regards like an indie project granted commercial spotlight; unashamedly scatological humor brought to life by animation that was rough around the edges but that still managed to leave a very strong impression. At the core of it all was young Chinese animator LAN, who acted as its designer, animation director, and also provided most of the hectic cuts for the show, aided by artists like kilocrescent who have made extreme stylization into their weapon,” wrote Sakugabooru. “Yet another reminder that despite what most anime fans appear to think, the anime industry’s collaborations with Chinese companies aren’t doomed to failure.”

The original anime was available internationally to watch with English subtitles on streaming sites like Crunchyroll. So far, the anime streaming site has not announced whether the To Be Heroine anime will be part of the spring 2018 anime lineup.

To Be Hero 2 Anime Key Visual
The key visual for 'To Be Heroine' back when it was still called 'To Be Hero 2.'Featured image credit: Studio LAN, Haoliners, And Emon'To Be Hero 2' Anime Key Visual