Jill Duggar Pregnancy Rumors: Fans Think They See A Baby Bump Hidden In Easter Picture, 'OK!' Reports

Nathan Francis

Jill Duggar is facing a new round of pregnancy rumors after a picture has the internet wondering whether the reality star is hiding a baby bump and possibly expecting baby No. 3.

Speculation about Jill and other members of the Duggar family has been near-constant, with a steady stream of reports about when they will be having their next babies. Many seem to think that Jill is on her way to another one, with OK! Magazine reporting that some fans believe they see a baby bump in a picture of Jill and family from Easter Sunday.

In the picture, Jill held baby Israel in front her midsection and wore a flowing shirt, which prompted some fans to wonder whether she was hiding a growing baby bump. Jill and the other Duggar women have often waited to announce their pregnancies, leading fans to speculate and search for clues.

But there have also been plenty of incorrect reports about both Jill and her sister Jessa, as a number of rumors about their pregnancies have never panned out. The Duggar family has spawned an entire cottage industry of websites, message boards, and Facebook pages where fans share stories and speculate about potential pregnancies. It is that rumor mill that has fueled much of the current speculation about whether Jill Duggar is pregnant again.

The pictures of Jill Duggar that first sparked the pregnancy speculation can be seen below.

Jill Duggar has not spoken out about the pregnancy rumors, as the Duggar family has traditionally waited until they are ready to announce pregnancies and have not given in to public pressure --- and especially not to internet rumors spawned from baby bump pictures.