'Ghost Adventures' Host Zak Bagans Set To Produce Charles Manson Documentary

Jamie Colclasure

Zak Bagans has been an incredibly busy man. Now that his film, Demon House, has finally been completed and released, Zak has more time to work on new projects. While Bagans is still filming new episodes of Ghost Adventures, he is also set to produce a new documentary about famous killer and cult leader Charles Manson.

TMZ shared news of the upcoming documentary and how it is set to include pieces of Manson's life and death. Bagans and his crew began filming the documentary shortly before Manson died. Zak shares the idea for the film came up when Manson's grandson, Jason Freeman, expressed to Bagans his desire to meet his grandfather face to face before he passed away. After becoming friends with Freeman following interviewing him for Deadly Possessions, Bagans decided it would interesting to document Jason's quest to meet Manson.

While the prison system denied Freeman's request to meet his grandfather, Jason was granted custody of the body and was able to see Manson lying in the casket at the funeral. Bagans shared this will all be featured in the documentary, along with details of his life and leading up to and after his death. It will show the court battle over his body and possibly even cover the fight over control of Manson's estate, which is still ongoing.

Bagans, who owns The Haunted Museum in Las Vegas, has several of Manson's possessions on display for visitors to see. One of those possessions he acquired from Manson's grandson, which was a television he used while in prison. The website iHorror shared other possessions Bagans acquired after Manson's death, including some of his dentures, a handmade pentagram necklace, and various other crafts the infamous murderer had while behind bars.

While Zak continues to work on the Manson documentary, his long awaited film, Demon House, is getting rave reviews. Bagans worked on the film for nearly four years before finally releasing it to the world last week. Demon House can be downloaded on various platforms. Zak can also be seen on Ghost Adventures, Saturday nights on the Travel Channel.