March 20, 2018
Prince Charles Website Drops Clues He Will Insist Camilla Parker Bowles Be Named Queen, Despite Public Outrage

There's been a lot of talk about what title Camilla Parker Bowles will take once Prince Charles becomes King of England. While the public has voiced strong opposition to calling Camilla Her Majesty, it sounds like Charles will push for the title once he inherits the throne. But will Britons ever call Camilla their queen?

According to the Daily Beast, Charles just removed a statement on his website that said Camilla will not become Queen. The move comes amid inside reports that Charles will declare Camilla Queen after Queen Elizabeth II dies.

The palace has not confirmed the reports and sources close to Charles say that he is not planning on deviating from the original plan to name Camilla princess consort (instead of the traditional queen consort).

Charles made an agreement when he wed Camilla that she will never take on the title of Queen once he inherits the crown. The agreement was apparently a part of a deal Charles struck with Elizabeth to get her blessing.

The general public is also against the idea of granting Camilla such a lofty title because of Camilla's complicated history with Charles. Camilla and Charles had an affair when he was married to Princess Diana, a decision that ultimately led to divorce.

Once Charles becomes King, he will also take on the mantle as the head of the Church of England, which generally frowns upon adultery. In light of the affair — and the couple's general unpopularity — many people believe that calling Camilla Queen would be inappropriate.

Then again, Charles' decision to remove the statement from his website has sparked renewed concerns about his intentions. It's unknown why Charles would remove such a declaration, but it looks like he might be thinking about changing his mind.

"It is odd that they would have taken it down if there was any possibility that she was not ever going to be called anything other than Princess Consort," royal expert Penny Junor explained. "My feeling is that he has always wanted her to be Queen."

Although Charles may be scheming behind the scenes, there's a chance that Prince William and Prince Harry will thwart his plans. Inside sources claim that Charles would need the full support of his sons if he wants to call Camilla Queen.

One source revealed that Charles does not have as much pull with his sons as he used to, apart from how he controls their funds. Given how much they adored their mom, it's unlikely that they'll be on board with calling Camilla Queen.

A recent poll showed that the majority of residents in the U.K. prefer that Camilla takes on the title of princess consort. In fact, only 19 percent of people polled believed that Camilla deserves the title while over 67 percent opposed the idea.

Neither Charles nor Camilla has commented on the reports surrounding her future title.

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles have been married since 2005.