Kylie Jenner Unbothered As Travis Scott Leaves Daughter To Record New Album, Claims 'Hollywood Life'

Kylie Jenner will be left to take care of parenting duties on her own while Travis Scott is working on new music, it has been alleged.

According to Hollywood Life, the 22-year-old reality star, who gave birth just a month ago, is said to have had discussions with her boyfriend of one year about their plans in raising their daughter, Stormi, together.

With it being claimed that Travis is already living under one roof with Kylie Jenner, it would seem rather sudden for the rapper to disappear to focus his attention on his career again.

It was reported throughout Kylie's pregnancy that the reality star had struggled with the fact that Scott had been touring for the majority of the time she was carrying their child and supposedly couldn't wait for the duo to finally settle down and spend quality time together.

Now, with the arrival of Stormi, it's said that Travis wants to get back in the recording studio and work on new music, and while fans would have expected Kylie Jenner to be upset by this, given what had been reported in the past, the socialite is totally fine with it, a source explains.

Kylie Jenner understands that Travis still has to work the same way she is still handling her beauty products; if she has meetings coming up, she knows that Travis will be there to take care of the child, so Jenner isn't looking at the situation any different the other way around.

With their careers both booming, it would seem selfish for Kylie Jenner to prevent Travis from continuing to work on his music now that she has given birth to their child.

Sources say that Kylie and Travis are doing their best to be together as often as they can with their daughter in tow, but due to their schedules, it can be quite hectic to organize time for the trio to all be together.

Jenner is said to be handling most of her business ventures from home, having her team come to her house so that she can still be around Stormi while discussing plans to further brand her cosmetics line.