‘A Message From Melania Trump On Cyberbullying’ Video Gets 63,000 YouTube Views — ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Version

Carolyn KasterAP Images

Jimmy Kimmel Live imagined what the public service announcement of First Lady Melania Trump’s cyberbullying campaign would look like — and the humorous video is going viral on YouTube. With approximately 63,000 views for the video, which were amassed in the seven hours since the video was uploaded to YouTube around 3 a.m. ET, on Thursday, March 15, the satirical video is gaining lots of commentary and plenty of ratings on the social media sharing site.

Kimmel noted that Melania was coming out of hiding amid the Stormy Daniels melee, as reported by ABC News, to meet with folks representing major social sharing networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google, and others to discuss the problem of cyberbullying. Kimmel quipped that if Melania really wanted to address cyberbullying, Mrs. Trump could simply take a sledgehammer to her husband’s thumbs and phone, referencing the controversial Twitter habits of President Donald Trump.

The video begins with real footage of Melania, but morphs into footage of a woman who sounds a lot like Mrs. Trump speaking in a voiceover as video showing children plays. The “Melania” voice then reads some of the real-life nicknames that President Trump has given to others, like “Little Marco Rubio,” whom Trump called a “puppet” in one tweet that was displayed. There was also “Lyin’ Ted Cruz,” “Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd,” “Low I.Q. Crazy Mika,” “Psycho Joe,” and “overrated Meryl Streep.”


Kimmel mocked Melania’s fight against bullying online by placing some of President Trump’s real-life tweets atop the footage of the children.

Melania’s choice to tackle cyberbullying has been the epitome of irony, noted Kimmel, likening Melania’s fight as a campaign akin to Camille Cosby aligning herself with Benadryl, joked Kimmel. Jimmy, according to the Daily Beast, said that Melania’s summit to cease cyberbullying is making “people woozy.” The publication noted that the joke about Camille — wife to an accused serial rapist — drew some groans from the audience.

Melania was in hiding, according to Kimmel, during the time that “Winter Stormy Daniels hit D.C.” The monologue got lots of laughs and attention in the wake of social media users reacting to Melania’s announced summit with the technology officials.