Craig Mack Dead At 46: The Cause Of Death Of The ‘Flava In Ya Ear’ Rapper Revealed

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Craig Mack, who rose to fame in the 90s for his hit single “Flava In Ya Ear,” has died at the age of 46. Mack was signed to Diddy’s Bad Boy record label during its golden era. The 46-year-old rapper’s cause of death was heart failure, according to multiple reports.

The late rapper died of heart failure at a hospital near his residence, according to the New York Daily News. Mack’s cause of death was not a surprise, according to a friend Alvin Toney, who is a producer that worked with Craig Mack on his debut album.

“He was prepared for whatever comes, to go home to the Lord,” Toney said to the NY Daily News. “He was prepared to do that. He wasn’t scared. He was ready.”

Craig Mack released two albums in the 90s — Project: Funk da World and Operation: Get Down. In 2017, The Mack World Sessions was released.

Toney states that Craig Mack gave up his rap career for religion.

“I wanted the world to know the talent he had. It was something I wanted people to enjoy, but it was cut short because he was very religious and wanted to go to church.”

In 2012, after being away from the hip-hop scene for several years, a video was released in which Mack stated that he had joined the Overcomer Ministry, a conservative Pentecostal Christian organization. Some have referred to the organization as a cultic church.

DJ Scratch announced Craig Mack’s death on Instagram with the following caption.

“I just got a disturbing phone call. I cannot believe this dude is gone. He just reached out a couple of weeks ago for me to speak on his documentary about his life. Because Craig was my roadie on tour. He would set up & break down my turntables every night on tour. Rest In Peace Lil Bro.”


Many fans have referred to Craig Mack as an icon of the 90s. The late rapper was known for his lyrical ability and unique delivery.


Mack’s career was overshadowed by the commercial and critical acclaim of The Notorious B.I.G.’s debut album Ready to Die, which was released the same year and month as Mack’s debut.


Mack’s cause of death has not been confirmed by the Overcomer ministry despite the reports stating that it was heart failure.

Mack’s “Flava In Ya Ear” received a Grammy Award nomination for best rap song but lost to Queen Latifah. You may have heard the iconic song recently on the NWA movie Straight Outta Compton.

The late rapper is survived by his wife and two children.