'My 600-lb Life' Steven Update: Elder Assanti Brother Gets A Girlfriend, Fans Suspect Catfishing

Simon Alvarez

My 600-lb Life star Steven Assanti is many things, but predictable is not one of them. After causing controversy after controversy in social media due to his posts, the reality TV star dropped his biggest announcement yet -- he has found a partner in the form of one of his most ardent supporters. That's right, Steven Assanti, one of My 600-lb Life's most controversial subjects, is not single anymore.

Steven's announcement was posted on his official Facebook page, a place that has proven to be a Pandora's box for fans of the reality TV show. Posted on February 28, Steven's announcement came just a couple of weeks after Valentine's Day. In true Steven Assanti fashion, his Facebook announcement was directed towards his ever-growing number of social media followers.

"To the best girlfriend in the world, Stephanie Sanger, I love you baby with my soul and heart. I want everyone to continue to know your [sic] the reason why I look forward to my future."

"I am truly blessed, so lucky to have found a soul that matches mine so completely," Stephanie Sanger commented on the elder Assanti brother's Facebook announcement.


While both Steven and Stephanie seemed to be completely into each other, several followers of the reality TV star have expressed their reservations about the couple's relationship. Some, for one, joked that Steven might be the victim of catfishing. Stephanie, after all, has been incredibly supportive of the elder Assanti brother, to the point where some of Steven's followers feel like she might be supporting and defending him a little bit too much.

Despite these, however, Steven has maintained that there is no catfishing involved. Other followers of the controversial My 600-lb Life star also came to the couple's defense, stating that Stephanie was not only real but also incredibly attractive. Others are just happy that the elder Assanti brother might finally have the necessary motivation to lose even more weight, considering that Steven has already lost a lot of pounds since first appearing on the hit reality TV show.


"She's very real and very pretty," one commenter wrote.

"Ain't nothing gonna motivate a man better than a good woman," wrote another.

While it remains to be seen if Steven Assanti's public relationship will last, the elder Assanti sibling has been quite subdued as of late. Since announcing his new relationship status, the My 600-lb Life star has at least refrained from posting any inflammatory statements and shock videos.