‘Little People, Big World’: Amy Roloff Visits Boyfriend’s Family, Fans Criticize Her Teeth

Amy Roloff, star of Little People, Big World, went on vacation to spend some quality time with boyfriend Chris Marek and to pay his family a visit. The couple is in Idaho where they also got to do some fun activities in the snow, particularly riding around in snowmobiles.

“What a blast! Went to ID to visit Chris’ family and go snowmobiling. Just beautiful,” Amy said.

Amy shared a few photos from her Idaho trip on social media. One photo showed both Amy and Chris on board their snow mobiles while another was a photo of the snow-covered scenery. The third photo, which Amy posted on both Facebook and Instagram, was a close-up of the two.

While the photo was praised by most of her followers for how genuinely happy Amy looked, at least a couple of people just couldn’t get over her set of pearly whites.

“[Amy] needs her [teeth] done now. She can afford it! Her teeth are awful,” lyndseygirl13 said. “Her teeth look like horse teeth.”

“I always thought that myself,” eacole115 agreed.

A few other followers thought it was rude of the person to criticize Amy’s looks and immediately called her out. One person tried to explain to her that the reason why Amy looks that way is because of her condition.

“Achondroplasia is a disability you fool. It [affects] facial features. [By] the way, your eyebrows are hideous. Fix them ASAP,” kellyrupertus said.

Achondroplasia is defined as a bone growth disorder, which causes dwarfism. As with the case of Amy, the body is of normal size but the arms and legs are shorter. According to a study published on the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) website, achondroplasia also causes deformities of the skull and face, including enlarged head, depressed nasal bridge, and maxillary hypoplasia. The latter condition affects the lower jaw making it look like its protruding. This explains why Amy’s teeth look prominent and, as the follower said, resemble those of a horse.

Interestingly, people suffering from achondroplasia are usually prone to oral complications, according to the Registered Dental Hygienist magazine. Looking at the photo, Amy seems to have a good set of teeth despite how “awful” it may seem to the follower.

“Another woman shaming a fellow gal on social media? What comes around goes around,” kellyrupertus further said to the follower critical of Amy’s teeth.

“Not shaming. Get over it. Her teeth can easily be redone,” the follower persisted.

“Your face can easily be redone. Get over it,” kellyrupertus answered.

A few other followers chimed in and shared their disbelief over the person’s rudeness.

“For the life of me I do not understand why people have to be so mean. What ever happened to ‘polite’ and ‘do unto others….’ and ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say….’ I am so sick of posted negativity,” said Marilyn_cottonaro.

“Does that make you feel better now… lyndseygirl13??? Shame on you,” elainek124 added.

“Judge not lest you be judged,” said shellyannwest. “And just curious, why follow someone if all you want to do is ridicule them.”

Over at Facebook, one follower suggested that Amy should use some teeth whitener. When the follower was called out, she explained that she was only offering friendly advice and not trying to ridicule Amy. She said she noticed the reality star’s teeth before and that she only wants Amy to look better since she’s on TV and has a boyfriend.