New 'Overwatch' Hero Teased, Lore Revealed With Letter And Screenshot

David Stonecipher

In keeping with the post-release cadence of free heroes and maps, Overwatch will soon welcome the 27th hero to the first person shooter. As the title reaches its second anniversary, Blizzard Entertainment developers are slowly revealing details on the next hero.

Last week, an after-action report on the game's Twitter added a little lore to Overwatch. The report, authored by Ana, details her battle with omnics alongside Reinhardt, Torbjörn, and someone named Emre Sarioglu. Ana specifically mentioned Reinhardt's bravery in saving Torbjörn's life, though he did sustain a major injury.

Days later, another piece of lore appeared on the game's official site. In this letter, Torbjörn wrote to his wife about the injury and their unborn baby. He noted Reinhardt's actions, said he would let Reinhardt name their child, and told his wife he wanted him to be godfather. He even joked that he hoped the child would not take after Reinhardt too much with that level of involvement.

Today, a new screenshot on the official Twitter further points toward a new hero reveal. The image is of a hammer blueprint with Swedish notes. Since Reinhardt uses a hammer and the notes are in Swedish, Torbjörn's nationality, many players believe this hints at Brigitte as the next Overwatch hero.

Brigitte appears in two Overwatch comics and the recently released Reinhardt cinematic. Like her father, Brigitte is quite handy as she repairs Reinhardt's armor in one comic. In the cinematic, viewers can see she shares a similar gear tattoo as Torbjörn.

The screenshot also includes a smaller blueprint of a hook on a chain, a mouse toy on the table, and a cat's paw reaching for the toy. Although all of these things are minor, they could point toward the identity of the next hero as well. Brigitte is not confirmed to be hero 27 at this time. Brigitte might the builder or creator of the next hero like Efi was for Orisa.

Overwatch heroes and maps alternate releases. For instance, the Junkertown map launched in September 2017 and in November 2017, Moira released. The Blizzard World map followed in January. If developers continue this release pattern, players could receive hero 27 as early as March. As the Inquisitr reported, the 27th hero is said to fill a needed role in Overwatch.