‘Star Wars 8’ Novel May Have Confirmed Kylo Ren’s Attraction To Rey In ‘The Last Jedi’

There is little doubt that Star Wars: The Last Jedi gave birth to numerous memes and more fan theories involving the new characters who were introduced in Episode VII. Interestingly, the most popular one revolves around the mysterious Rey and the only Skywalker grandchild Kylo Ren. Viewers believed that the two had a romantic connection when they were seeing each other through the Force in the movie. However, it looks like fans who were shipping Rey and Kylo may have been right all along.

The relationship between Rey and Kylo Ren has truly been a complicated one since Star Wars: The Force Awakens. After all, Kylo kidnapped Rey during their first meeting and was the first person to realize the anonymous girl from Jakku was powerful in the Force. To make matters worse, Rey witnessed the murder of Han Solo, who she somehow saw as a father figure. Although people were expecting them to clash in Star Wars 8, their Force connection seemed to suggest that romance could be in the future. Now, the novel based on The Last Jedi could confirm that Rey and Kylo had feelings for each other.

Gizmodo has recently reported that a Star Wars: The Last Jedi book has been leaked ahead of its March release date. Some pages from the novel penned by Jason Fry made their way to Reddit, with one particular passage seemingly revealing that Luke Skywalker had a wife. However, it is the entries about Luke’s students that have fans talking.

The fan site Star Wars Stuff shared a few lines from the Star Wars: The Last Jedi book on Twitter. The passages focus solely on Rey and Kylo Ren, who seem to be feeling more than just a Force connection. One entry reveals that Rey discovers “Kylo’s churning emotions are not only about himself but also about her.”

Kylo Ren's TIE Silencer will finally make its debut in 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi'. [Image by Lucasfilm]

The relationship between Rey and Kylo Ren is not necessarily specified as “romantic” in the Star Wars: The Last Jedi novel so it is still best to take the information with a grain of salt.

The Star Wars: The Last Jedi novelization written by Jason Fry will be released on March 6.