Colton Haab Says CNN Gave 'Scripted Question' But CNN Says Colton's Father Withdrew Him From Town Hall [Video]

Colton Haab is going viral on social media, after the surviving student from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School accused CNN of providing a scripted question for the network's town hall question-and-answer session held on Wednesday, February 21. As seen in the below video from Local 10 News, Colton said that he turned down the invitation to give his speech and ask his question at the CNN town hall, which included other survivors of the Parkland school shooting. Haab accused the network of providing scripted questions.

Colton claimed that when CNN asked him to write a speech and questions, "it ended up being all scripted." The junior high school student's words are being passed around social media, with articles like "Parkland JROTC hero skips CNN townhall because network scripted his questions and answers" by BizPac Review being liked more than 17,000 times on Facebook.

Haab reportedly crafted questions giving his thoughts to use military veterans as security guards, but Colton claimed that CNN scripted his questions so Haab said he turned down the offer to participate in the town hall. Haab went on to say that he doesn't believe anything will be accomplished and that the real questions that parents and teachers had wouldn't be asked, in his opinion. However, CNN published an update refuting Haab's claims on Thursday morning, writing that there was "absolutely no truth to" the assertion, stating on Twitter that "CNN did not provide or script questions for anyone in last night's town hall, nor have we ever."

As seen in the below tweet from CNN Communications, the network reported that they watched an interview with Haab and asked him to participate in their town hall with teachers and other students. However, CNN stated that Colton's father took Haab's name out of participating in the event prior to the town hall's start. CNN said they regretted the decision from Haab's dad but respected the choice.

CNN once again reached out to Colton to talk to them on CNN in order to express his views on keeping schools safe.

Colton survived the shooting, according to Local 10 News, and spoke of witnessing his 37-year-old coach save at least three girls from gunfire.