CPAC Removes Dinesh D'Souza From List Of Speakers For Offensive Comments About Parkland Shooting Survivors

Amy Feinstein

CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Committee has decided that Dinesh D'Souza is no longer welcome to speak at their upcoming meeting after making comments they are calling "indefensible" about the teen victims of the Parkland shooting. When asked why someone who mocked the child victims of a school shooting was still speaking at CPAC, a representative set the record straight on Twitter.

"Hey Rafael, this is . is not a speaker at . You are seeing an archived speaker profile and we are taking down his archived picture. His comments are indefensible."

D'Souza suggested that children had no business speaking out on political matters.

"Adults 1, kids 0"

Even people who traditionally agree with D'Souza were shocked.

"I usually am very supportive of your opinions. But, if those really were shooting survivors, your statement was completely lacking in class!"
"Given his truly repulsive tweets today, I suspect Dinesh D'Souza has overtaken Marion Le Pen as the most distasteful speaker at this year's CPAC."
"About Dinesh D'Souza: 1. He's a stupid person's idea of a smart person. 2. He's a stupid person. 3. He's a convicted criminal. 4. He's an amoral sociopath. 5. He craves I didn't link him to this. Treat him like what he is: Wipe him off the bottom of your shoe."