McDonald’s Hints At Return Of ‘Rick And Morty’ Szechuan Sauce, ‘Virtual Rick-ality’ Coming to PS VR In April

Rick and Morty fans could soon have a second chance at getting their hands on the infamous McDonald’s Szechuan sauce. Based on Reddit posts by alleged McDonald’s employees, the fast food giant is getting ready to re-release the dipping sauce made famous by a Rick and Morty Season 3 episode. And it now seems like McDonald’s will be better prepared for the inevitable sauce craze.

The demand for the McDonald’s Szechuan sauce grew after it was randomly mentioned in a Season 3 episode of Rick and Morty that aired on April 1 last year. The sauce, a Chicken McNuggets condiment, was first released in 1998 as part of a Mulan Happy Meal set.

Caving to the clamor from the Rick and Morty fandom, McDonald’s announced that the Szechuan sauce would be available in stores for just one day in U.S. restaurants. But the fast food giant was unprepared for the huge demand. Thousands of Rick and Morty fans lined up at McDonald’s locations across the country to get their hands on the Szechuan sauce and riots erupted when they were informed that stores had run out of the condiment. Police had to be called in to disperse the crowds of Rick and Morty fans at some locations.

Now, it seems that McDonald’s is once again getting in on the Rick and Morty Szechuan sauce craze. On Thursday, Reddit user LaserBungalow posted a photo of what appears to be a digital register menu with Szechuan sauce as one of the condiment choices.

“Szechaun sauce is real very soon,” the Redditor wrote.

Szechuan sauce is real very soon. I work at McDonald's and found this in the register menu. You're welcome. from rickandmorty

Reddit user Reus958, who also claims to be a McDonald’s employee, added that there will be more Szechuan sauce packets available this time around.

“The shipments won’t be too large (but of course much better than last time). My store is being given 6 cases at 250 pieces each.”

Another user, bsknuckles, chimed in to say that the sauce will be available on Feb. 26.

These are all from unverified sources, however, and should be taken with a grain of salt.

However, the official McDonald’s Twitter account recently shared a cryptic post that seems to confirm that the Szechuan sauce will indeed be made available again. Replying to a demanding fan, the fast food company released a curiously positive-sounding statement.

“Stay tuned, we’re working on getting Szechuan sauce back to this dimension as fast as possible!”

There’s nothing to do now but wait for an official announcement from McDonald’s. Meanwhile, Rick and Morty fans have another treat to look forward to. Adult Swim Games has announced that the Rick and Morty VR game Virtual Rick-ality will be released for PlayStation VR on April 10, a year after its release to PC in April 2017. The game will retail in North America for $29.99.