‘Alaskan Bush People’: Rain Brown’s Photo Of Gabe With Alleged Girlfriend Sparks Engagement, Cheating Rumors

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

Alaskan Bush People star Rain Brown recently shared a photo on social media of her brother Gabe Brown, 28, with his alleged new girlfriend. The photo has caused quite a bit of drama from some fans of the Brown family’s Discovery Channel reality TV series who are now accusing Gabe of cheating on other alleged girlfriends. Some comments on Rain Brown’s Valentine’s Day photo also allege that Gabe Brown is already engaged to another rumored girlfriend he has reportedly been dating for several years.

Rain Brown, 15, often receives backlash on social media from posts that she shares on her personal Instagram account. Although fans of Alaskan Bush People who follow Rain on Instagram agree overall that she usually doesn’t share photos and videos to cause drama, some fans speculate that her recent V-Day photo of Gabe kissing his rumored girlfriend was shared just for that purpose alone. The photo has stirred up a lot of drama on Rain’s Instagram post that shows her “third wheeling” on Valentine’s Day with Gabe and a girl.

Of course, some of Rain’s Instagram followers thought her recent Valentine’s Day photo was “cute” and understood that she probably just posted it to say that she doesn’t have a significant other on the day that’s meant for couples. Rain shared a photo of herself kissing Mr. Cupcake, the Brown family’s Belgian sheepdog and the canine star of Alaskan Bush People. Rain also noted in the photo’s caption that she was “third wheelin like a pro this V-Day,” similar to being the fifth wheel when in the company of a couple.

In the background of Rain’s photo, Gabe is shown kissing his apparent new girlfriend. Although Rain doesn’t give specifics in the photo’s caption about who the girl is pictured with Gabe. Some comments from Alaskan Bush People fans simply say that they are happy for Gabe that he “maybe” found a girlfriend, while other comments accuse Gabe of cheating and actually already being engaged to someone else. More than one comment shared that Gabe had written “questionable things” to them and flirted with them online via social media.

Other comments refer to another alleged girlfriend that he was rumored to have dated for three years before proposing marriage to just four weeks ago. After some back-and-forth argument in the comments section of Rain’s Valentine’s Day post about Gabe’s alleged cheating, both Rain and Noah Brown, 25, came to Gabe’s defense. First, Noah enters the conversation to say that he “would know about it by now” if Gabe was indeed engaged. Noah also explained that Gabe considers himself a “one woman kind of guy.”

Rain Brown also took to the ongoing debate by commenting that “Gabe doesn’t have a fiance, as simple as that.” Comments from Alaskan Bush People fans also encouraged Gabe to “explain himself” for allegedly flirting with other social media users while kissing the unidentified girl in the photo. One comment from someone reportedly close to the situation attempts to clear up any confusion by saying that the girl shown with Gabe is Rain’s “best friend,” adding that Rain had introduced them, and they “hit it off.”

Another comment also noted that Gabe recently wrote a post on social media to apologize to any Alaskan Bush People fans he may have written to or flirted with in the past who are upset that he’s allegedly dating someone else.

Gabe Brown hasn’t been the object of many relationship rumors in the past, but Monsters & Critics shared back in September that Gabe had actually left social media for awhile due to another alleged girlfriend — an unidentified “lost love” that he was reportedly still “pining after.”

Gabe has been posting more on his personal Instagram account since the Brown family left Southern California for Seattle, Washington, as previously reported by Radar Online. Rain has also been posting photos of snow and ice that are not geotagged with a specific location, but Rain’s most recent photo on Instagram of “more snow” led to one Alaskan Bush People fan to comment that it looks like the Brown family is “still in Washington.”