WWE News: Sami Zayn Yelled At Fan After ‘SmackDown Live’ Ended


After Tuesday’s episode of WWE SmackDown Live had ended, Sami Zayn was not happy with his match result, causing him to direct anger at the fans. In one particular incident, Zayn went up to confront the fans after his loss to Dolph Ziggler, and ended up yelling at one woman who got a bit too close for his liking. Here are the latest details on what went down involving the heel superstar after the SmackDown Live episode was off television.

In a report from Sportskeeda‘s Phillipa Mariee, it’s noted that Sami Zayn had a bad night as his big plan with Kevin Owens didn’t work out. The heel duo had tried to take out both Dolph Ziggler and Baron Corbin during SmackDown Live so that neither would be able to win a spot in the title match with them at Fastlane PPV. That plan was disrupted when Shane McMahon booked Owens to go against Corbin and Zayn to face Ziggler. Owens would lose his match, which ended up putting Corbin into the title match at the Fastlane PPV. In the main event, Ziggler withstood his earlier attack from the heel duo and pinned Zayn to also join the PPV match.

wwe sami zayn yells at aj styles
WWE star Sami Zayn has been playing up his new heel role ever since 'Hell in a Cell.'Featured image credit: WWE

Following the loss, Zayn went over towards the crowd area where he started to talk some trash with fans, or confront some of them over his loss in the ring. An eager woman rushed over to stand near the crowd barrier in an attempt to snap a selfie of herself standing near Zayn. That prompted Zayn to yell at the lady about what she was doing, and caused her to quickly rush off. A video posted to Twitter captured the incident which makes Zayn appear enraged.

While Zayn looks like he’s pretty upset with the fans in the crowd, it’s all part of his heel act. Zayn is generally known to be a good guy when appearing at various functions such as autograph sessions with the fans, so this particular incident was mostly to remain in character. That said, it goes to show that fans who attend a live WWE event will usually get a full-on experience of the show and its various personalities. Right now, that personality for Zayn involves doing whatever it takes to try to win.

Sami Zayn will continue to work with his “friend” Kevin Owens on SmackDown Live in an effort to undermine Shane McMahon’s efforts and break the rules. Next month, Zayn and Owens will be part of the WWE Championship match against AJ Styles at Fastlane 2018. Now they’ll also have to worry about “The Lone Wolf” Baron Corbin and “The Showoff” Dolph Ziggler in that match and on upcoming episodes of SmackDown Live.