Who Went Home On 'The Challenge: Vendettas' Episode 7? [Spoilers]

The players faced a double elimination on The Challenge: Vendettas tonight, as there was a guy and a girl going home. This meant the drama was high on this episode of The Challenge Season 31, but who went home on The Challenge: Vendettas tonight? Find out the Episode 7 results from tonight below in our The Challenge spoilers.

Last week on The Challenge Season 31, there were notes being left in one of the rooms, which had the players searching for the person leaving these notes. Sylvia has been sick and missed the challenge last week, which also meant she gave up the use of her grenade. For the challenge, they went out into the ocean and had to dive 15 feet below the water to move a ring across a rope between two yachts. The winning team was Tony, Johnny Bananas, Zach, Kailah, and Kyle. The top three were Tony, Bananas, and Kyle, as they formed the Troika. The losing team was Nelson, Brad, Kam, Kayleigh, and Marie. They had to vote right away to send a guy into the Elimination Challenge, as Brad was voted in. The Troika nominated Shane, Victor, and Devin for the Elimination Challenge and we find out tonight who they selected as the final nominee.

Elimination Challenge

The Troika voted and it was Victor sent in to take on Brad. For this challenge, it was called "Troubled Water." The players started in a tank of water. They had to move and splash around and get rid of enough water to move it below the red line. Once below the red line, they had to smash the bottom of the tank to release the rest of the water and free themselves from the tank. The first player to become free would win this challenge.


Brad owned this one, as he had the rhythm going and was flinging that water out. He smashed the bottom and fell to the bottom. He won the challenge, which meant that Victor was eliminated. For winning, Brad got a grenade and three options: Time Crunch, which meant he could add time onto someone's time in the next challenge; Sit Out, which meant he could let someone sit out the next challenge; or Blindside, which meant he could pick someone to compete in the next challenge blindfolded.

Another Note

The girls' room got another note, as they are freaking out about who is leaving them. We finally found out that Johnny Bananas was the person behind the notes. Before coming on the show, he had his sister write these notes and he places them to stir the pot.

The Challenge

Before starting, we found out that Sylvia was sent home because of medical reasons. For this challenge, it is called "Puppet Master." They played in two teams and had to run throughout the stadium and find puzzle pieces, as they are all chained together. Once they found all the pieces, they had to put the puzzle together. These puzzles formed puppets of CT and Aneesa. The first team to complete the puzzle would win. The winning team had to pick the top three players for the Troika. This was a double elimination week, so the losing team had to immediately vote in one guy and one girl for the Elimination Challenge. The Troika would nominate three guys and three girls for elimination. Last week's Troika got to pick the teams this week, which are below.
  • Blue Team - Leroy, Nelson, Zach, Joss, Devin, Kam, Britni, Kailah, Marie, and Veronica
  • Green Team - Shane, Tony, Johnny Bananas, Kyle, Brad, Kayleigh, Nicole, Cara Maria, Natalie, and Jemmye
Before the challenge started, Brad got to use his grenade. He decided to give Kam the time penalty, so the Blue Team would start one minute behind the other team.


That time penalty came in handy, as the Blue Team did fight back but it was not enough. The Green Team won and they voted Tony, Nicole, and Kyle as the Troika. The losing team voted in Joss and Veronica into the Elimination Challenge on The Challenge: Vendettas.


The Troika met to discuss the nominees. Since this was a double elimination, the nominees would not get a chance for The Inquisition. They would directly go to the Elimination Challenge for the Troika to determine their fate. Their nominees were Shane, Nelson, and Devin for the guys and Kam, Natalie, and Kayleigh for the girls.

Elimination Challenge

It was time for the Troika to vote on the opponents for Joss and Veronica. Their opponents would be Shane and Kam. Before the challenge started, TJ Lavin called out some challengers, Derrick, Jordan, Aneesa, and Tori, whom he called The Mercenaries. For the challenge, it was called "Crazy 8." There was a giant circle with an "8" hanging in the middle. The point was to run into the middle and grab the "8" and get it back to their post. The opponents were Joss against Derrick and Shane against Jordan for the guys and Veronica against Aneesa and Kam against Tori. They would play in best out of three rounds.


Jordan and Shane were up first, as Jordan handled this one pretty easily. He won, which meant Shane was eliminated. Up next were Veronica and Aneesa, as they got tied up on the first one and had to reset. However, this is when Veronica noticed her pinky finger was dangling off to the side and medics were called in. We find out the rest of the results next week on The Challenge Season 31.

The Challenge: Vendettas airs on Tuesday nights at 9/8c on MTV.