'The Sims 4' Lets Players Explore Ruins In The 'Jungle Adventure' Game Pack

On February 27, Sims can leave the comfort of their homes to explore the new land of Selvadorada. In "Jungle Adventure," players of The Sims 4 can have their characters visit a new area and look for keepsakes. They can visit with the locals or even find a temple full of traps which surely protect something worth finding.

Uncovering something unique can be worth a few Simelons, but Sims can also decorate their houses with the discoveries. They will need to be careful, though. While exploring the jungle, Sims will have to be cautious. Creatures like bees and spiders can prey on unwitting explorers in The Sims 4, according to the official site. In addition to exploring the outdoors, the "Jungle Adventure" game pack also adds new foods, clothes, and objects to the game.

A number of new items for Sims are included in "Jungle Adventure." Sensible adventure attire and Selvadorada clothes are a major component of the game pack. New objects include large vases, a new fireplace, unique awnings, and much more. Skeletons from the ruins can even be placed in Sims' homes. Sims wary of exploring the ruins can enjoy the local nightlife and try exotic new foods.

The Sims 4 new game pack Jungle Adventure lets Sims explore a new area

In "Jungle Adventure," Sims can investigate a verdant forest filled with waterfalls and tropical flora. They will have watch out for certain perils like insects, but pushing through to find the ultimate discovery will pay off. Sims can find a temple in the jungle protected by seemingly otherworld sources. Players of The Sims 4 may meet a few animated skeletons deep within the ruins. Darts and fires are also likely obstacles inside the ancient temple.

"Jungle Adventure" is the 23rd DLC for The Sims 4 and follows the release of the "Laundry Day Stuff" pack. It is the sixth game pack for the title. Game packs are normally priced at $19.99 and include more content than stuff packs. However, they feature fewer items than an expansion pack.

The "Laundry Day Stuff" pack released just in January for the PC version of The Sims 4. As reported by the Inquisitr, the stuff pack added washers and dryers to the game. Sims can maintain their clothes, and cleaner clothes make characters in The Sims 4 happier.