Apple To Go Extra With iPhone X Plus -- Plus Everything You Need To Know About iPhone X's Successor

Chris van Buren

Cupertino-based tech behemoth Apple has always been willing to face its competition in terms of marketing the iconic iPhone. Most of its attempts are mostly lauded – from software features like "raise to wake," "the clear all notifications option," right down to Apple Maps' traffic information and support for additional stops, these perks were not that foreign to top-of-the-line Android devices.

And so, flash-forward to 2017, Apple consumers have witnessed the legendary iPhone X and iPhone 8 – both top-notch in their own segments. But as it goes with most mobile smartphones today, just how far is Apple willing to take the plunge? For now, it appears that the company is planning to go on all fours on literally sizing up the next iPhone series this year.

Forbes reports that Apple is going to go even bigger than that of the recently released iPhone X. The 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus, touted as Apple's first gigantically-huge-screen smartphone, is deemed to be revealed on September 2018.

Last month, Apple's most trusted insider Ming-Chi Kuo shared more details of the already predicted three new iPhone variants this year. Accordingly, the company is set to launch three varying iPhone sizes this autumn: the 5.8-in OLED for iPhone 11 or XI, the 6.1-in LCD iPhone, and the 6.5-in OLED iPhone X Plus or iPhone XI Plus.

New iPhone Design?

Consumers are also bound to see some changes with their iPhones in terms of its aesthetics. One of the more famed rumors nowadays is that the upcoming variants are sporting a bezel-free design. Along with that, these smartphones are also expected to come without a Home button and should continue with the groundbreaking Face ID camera feature.

New iPhone models are also rumored to come with the similar notch motif that is situated right at the display's upper area. This should now effectively incorporate the facial recognition sensors and FaceTime camera. On the other hand, several sites indicated that the imminent smartphones are set to be retailed under several colors.

In terms of the upcoming iPhones' screen resolution and pixel density, iPhone X Plus along with the new variants are not expected to veer away from the game-changing Super Retina HD. They are all slated to retain the pixel density, which shouldn't go higher than 458ppi.

The Scan Display

One of the more resounding features that may grace new iPhone models is the scan display. The mechanism that allows users to place their fingers on the screen's display as opposed to the conventional Home Button, the scan display is described as a touchscreen display that houses a fingerprint-detecting layer. This can also be utilized to procure other advanced support.

Some of these advanced multi-user support include the allowance to certain users to launch particular apps. Also, it can be used to operate a piano app in which users are taught with the right finger placement on the said instrument.

Other features

iPhone X Plus and other new variants may also sport an even more powerful amount of RAM, to the tune of 4GB. Currently, iPhone X comes with 3GB RAM. Gigabit LTE, also known as the springboard to 5G, may also pop up as a new feature. This can allow users to download to up to 1000 megabits per second.

As September looms fast, more and more features and patents about iPhone X Plus and its siblings are expected to be revealed. Stay tuned for more updates!