'Overwatch' Is Free To Play This Weekend During The Lunar New Year Event

Blizzard Entertainment's first-person shooter Overwatch is free to play this weekend on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Another free weekend for the FPS begins on February 16 and ends on February 19. Like all free weekends for the game, anything a new player earns will carry over if they choose to purchase the game. All progress is intact after the weekend.

During the free period, almost everything Overwatch has to offer is included. All 26 heroes are immediately ready to play, more than 15 maps across four different modes are available, and the Lunar New Year event is also underway during the free weekend. A free player has access to Quick Play, the Arcade, Play vs AI, and Custom Games. Players trying Overwatch for free cannot access any ranked competitive modes, according to the game's website.

Free weekends occur often for Overwatch, but this one is slightly different since an event is active. Free and veteran players earn Lunar New Year loot boxes during the current event. These boxes are guaranteed to include at least one Lunar New Year item like a spray, player icon, skin, highlight introduction, or skin. Unique Lunar New Year items are only available during the event, but they can be used throughout the year after they are unlocked.

Play Overwatch for free on February 16

The Lunar New Year event is celebrating the Year of the Dog with many festivities. The capture the flag mode is back in the Arcade with new rules. There is even a new map specifically for capture the flag. Of course, new skins and other cosmetic items are also included. Players can unlock or purchase new legendary skins for Genji, McCree, Mercy, Pharah, Widowmaker, and Zarya. As the Inquisitr reported, last year's skins are also available for standard credit prices.

Although the Lunar New Year event ends on March 5, the free Overwatch weekend will conclude on February 19. The free period is available to PC via Battle.net, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. On PlayStation 4, a PlayStation Plus membership is required in order to access the free weekend. On Xbox One, Xbox Live Gold is required to play. Trophies and achievements cannot be earned by free accounts.

Overwatch events occur about every other month. After the Lunar New Year event ends, players have the return of the Uprising event to anticipate. If the established Overwatch schedule continues, the Uprising event will return in April.