'One Piece' Chapter 895: What Does Luffy's New Gear 4th Do?

Mark Jason Alcala

One Piece Chapter 895 will finally showcase a brand new move from Luffy. Of course, fans are very excited what this new Gear 4th technique could bring to the table, and are very interested to know if Snake Man would suffice in defeating the Sweet Commander Katakuri.

Since Luffy's fight with Katakuri started, fans have been busy speculating just how the Straw Hat captain may be able to defeat the strongest commander in Big Mom Pirates. Predictions vary greatly, as some fans firmly believed that Luffy might use some form of power up via the mysterious power of awakening, while the rest were hoping for a new Gear 4th technique, or even for Luffy to drastically make a big leap in combat prowess by getting an all-new Gear 5th. However, Oda finally made it clear in the latest chapter on just how he wants the story to unfold by revealing Luffy's new Gear 4th technique called Snake Man.

— LuffyLand (@LuffyL_and) February 12, 2018

For instance, many believe that its name is the biggest hint on the technique's effects. An AminoApps article predicts that the Snake Man will have some snakelike qualities, as its name implies. For this reason, fans can expect that, unlike Tank Man, Luffy won't drastically increase in size, but rather become more flexible and a bit stretchy, just like a snake.

In addition, there are speculations that, just like a snake, Luffy will become even more "slippery" in combat. This means that it will be harder for Katakuri to land a blow against his opponent. According to YouTuber NightmareKING, this has something to do with Luffy's Observation Haki, an ability that the Straw Hats captain only recently mastered. In fact, it is highly likely that both Snake Man and the Observation Haki are skills that seamlessly complement each other, a deadly combination that will help Luffy secure a win.

Fans have to endure a few more days of waiting as One Piece Chapter 895 is expected to be released next week. Meanwhile, enjoy some speculations by YouTuber NightmareKING below.