‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Drew Loses Sam And Scout Memories – Sets Stage For JaSam Reunion

This 'GH' plot twist will crush fans of DreAm, but don't count them out yet - there's more story coming and a happy ending ahead.

This 'GH' plot twist will crush fans of DreAm, but don't count them out yet - there's more story coming and a happy ending ahead.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Peter August (Wes Ramsey) will stick around Port Charles since Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) threw Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) off his trail. Valentin covered for Peter (aka Henrik) by convincing Anna that the baby she had with Cesar Faison (Anders Hove) was a girl. Anna bought his lie so she’ll back off the chase for Henrik which means Peter can stay in town and he’ll soon assist Drew Cain (Billy Miller) in recovering his memories.

Peter Erases Part Of Memories, Hands Drive Over

Of course, one of the problems with Peter helping Drew get his memories back is that Peter is part of them. GH spoilers promise that he erases some files that contain flashbacks of him and Faison so that Drew can have the rest of the memories back. Spoilers tease that Peter stages a scene so that Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) will find the flash drive and Drew can get back his memories, without putting Peter’s life at risk.

The problem is that Sam Cain (Kelly Monaco) doesn’t want Drew to have the procedure. She’s paranoid that the risky re-mapping of Drew’s memories will overwrite his last few years in Port Charles. Sam is right to be concerned. She rages at Jason because he gives the drive to Drew and tells him he should get his own memories back so that they can finally have separate lives. Drew wants to know his past and despite Sam’s concerns, sets up the procedure.

Drew Loses All Memories Of Sam

Drew will lose his memories of Sam as sweeps close out and March begins. General Hospital spoilers from Soap Hub predicted this outcome a while back, and now it’s about to happen finally. Drew won’t be dissuaded from getting back his memories, according to Daytime Confidential. Mr. Cain respects Sam’s concerns, but he knows he can’t go the rest of his life with Jason’s memories in his head. On the last day of February, Drew pledges to Sam that he will never forget her, but he can’t keep that promise.

As March kicks off in Port Charles, Drew wakes as himself with no memories of Jason’s in his head. Unfortunately, when Dr. Andre Maddox (Anthony Montgomery) re-mapped Drew’s memories, the newer memories he’s made with Sam got shoved aside. The good news is that long-term GH spoilers indicate that the memories aren’t gone, they’re just temporarily inaccessible, but Drew will eventually get them back.

Drew Wakes And Knows Only Kim

General Hospital spoilers from an interview with showrunner Frank Valentini told fans that Kim Nero’s (Tamara Braun) link to Drew is “really important” and comes to the forefront soon. When Drew wakes, he doesn’t recall his life in Port Charles, and this is heartbreaking for many people, but none more so than the women in his life. Monica Quartermaine (Leslie Charleson) went through an amnesiac ordeal with Jason back when he had his car wreck, so this is like losing a son again.

When Drew wakes in March as himself, he knows Kim, but no one else. However, don’t expect love to blossom between Drew and his ex. Remember, their relationship was casual, the pregnancy was accidental, and he split with her a decade before he was kidnapped, so there’s no big love there. Some inside sources share that the fallout from Drew’s memory recovery will run a few months with an explosive culmination in May sweeps that will shake fans of both JaSam and DreAm.

Will JaSam Reunion Last?

General Hospital spoilers and rumors offer a glimpse at how the path has been laid for the next few months of storytelling, but things may be tweaked before the final product makes it to the screen. As of now, Drew will wake as himself but knows no one in Port Chuck aside from Kim. He moves into the Q mansion and leaves Sam since he doesn’t know or love her. Drew tries to reconcile his past with his present, but doesn’t know his daughter or wife.

Rejected by Drew, a heartbroken Sam opens herself to love with Jason once again, but this is a bumpy road. Drew’s more recent memories are struggling to break through the haze in his brain. The breakthrough finally happens just as Jason and Sam are set to remarry in May sweeps. Expect the classic scene of a wedding interrupted with Drew revealing he got his memories back and declaring that Sam is the love of his life and her walking away from Jason for good and choosing his twin.

Catch up now on the latest GH scoop for the next two weeks, details of Friz’s wedding on the 14000 episode, Drew and Jason’s confrontation over Danny next week, and Nelle’s evil plan to drive Carly crazy. Watch ABC every day for new episodes and to see the Q twin story explode and check back often for the latest General Hospital spoilers.