‘The Originals’ Season 5 Spoilers: Daniel Gillies Teases Elijah Mikaelson, What To Expect From The Character

Vivien KillileaGetty Images

The Originals Season 5 spoilers reveal that Elijah Mikaelson will be the focus of Episode 3. During the Season 4 finale, Daniel Gillies’ character had his memories erased. He was seen living in France and playing music. When Klaus Mikaelson (Joseph Morgan) went to silently check on his brother, he found Elijah was at peace. When the CW TV show returns in April, what can fans expect?

According to TV Line, it doesn’t take long for Elijah to realize that he isn’t like a normal person. Even though he has no memories, there is still a gut instinct and similar ways that people just know things. Based on what the actor hinted, this could spark the beginning of his journey back to his family.

The Originals Season 5 spoilers tease that Hope Mikaelson (Danielle Rose Russell) is determined to reunite her family. She is making it her mission and won’t stop until she succeeds. In the sizzle reel, Hope’s voice serves as narrator, saying she will achieve that goal, even if it destroys her.

Previous spoilers from showrunner Julie Plec revealed that the separated family members will not come back together all at once. She said it will be a gradual process. Since Elijah Mikaelson will have a realization early in the season, could he be the first to rejoin the others, or will his journey take longer due to his erased memories and the pain in his heart? Since he is a vampire who has lived many centuries, he has a lot of guilt and regret. This wouldn’t be the first time he had serious issues due to his past. Some viewers believe this will play an important part in Elijah’s journey.

The Originals Season 5 spoilers don’t give out too much information on Elijah’s storyline. However, fans are hoping that there is a happy ending for the entire Mikaelson family. Daniel Gillies is impressed with Episode 3, saying it is different than what they are accustomed to.

“I think it’s one of the best episodes we’ve ever done. I’m actually amazed that it made it through — it was such a change of pace from what we normally do.”

The Originals Season 5 is the end of the television series and premieres on April 20. However, fans shouldn’t expect it to be the end of the story for all of the characters. Although not yet confirmed, there are rumors that there could be a spinoff in the works.