Rose McGowan Slams Alyssa Milano Over #MeToo Support: 'I Think She's A Lie'

Rose McGowan has been incredibly vocal about the #MeToo movement and her own horrific experience with Harvey Weinstein. She's also taken aim at those who are stepping up in support of the movement but have a history of also working with those who have been accused of sexual misconduct while knowing about the accusations waged against them. Rose has also been loudly calling out her old Charmed co-star Alyssa Milano, not for being an abuser herself but because of her associations.

In an interview with Nightline's Juju Chang, Rose McGowan discussed Alyssa Milano and why she has taken such a hard stance against her former friend, Us Weekly reports.

"I don't like her," McGowan said. "Cause I think she's a lie."

"Do you think I don't know these people? Do the math," Rose continued. "Who's behind Time's Up? CAA. Where do they meet? CAA? Who needs good PR? CAA. Who are part of the pimp problem? CAA."

Rose was talking about Alyssa Milano's husband, Dave Bugliari, who is an agent with CAA. For those who aren't following the movement closely, that is the talent agency which was hit hard when #MeToo really started catching on. They ended up firing Cameron Mitchell over sexual misconduct allegations. There were also reports that many CAA agents knew about Harvey Weinstein's issues and still sent women to him

Rose McGowan also takes issue with the fact that Alyssa Milano is still friends with Harvey Weinstein's estranged wife, Georgina Chapman. Back in December, Alyssa stood up for Georgina during an appearance on Megyn Kelly Today.

When asked how Harvey Weinstein's estranged wife was doing, Alyssa responded, "Georgina is doing very well … she's an amazing woman, and I think her priority right now is focusing on how to raise those two children to the best of her capacity given the situation. She goes through very dark times. She's very sad. This is not easy for her, but I have no doubt that not only will she come out on the other side of this, but she deserves to. She's a good woman."

McGowan has taken issue with not only the accused but also those who knew what was going on in Hollywood and didn't do anything about it. Especially when they have taken part in the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements without owning their complicity in the entire problem, to begin with.

After Rose McGowan's latest interview where she tore into Alyssa Milano, her former co-star responded and only had words of support for Rose. That probably won't change the Grindhouse star's mind about Alyssa or anyone else who she feels is hypocritically supporting the movement.

She certainly has plenty more to say about it too. Fans can tune in to the E! channel to see Rose McGowan's new docuseries called Citizen Rose. The full episode is available to watch online.