Who Got Eliminated On ‘The Amazing Race’ 2018 Tonight? Episode 6 Results


With only seven teams remaining on The Amazing Race Season 30 tonight, the claws came out in Prague. The pressure was on for these teams, as it was Double U-Turn time on The Amazing Race 2018. With that being said, who got eliminated on The Amazing Race 2018 tonight? Find out the Episode 6 results from tonight below in our The Amazing Race spoilers.

Last week on The Amazing Race Season 30, viewers got to see back-to-back episodes and double eliminations. The first hour had the teams heading to Marseille, France, and it ended with the teams competing in another head-to-head competition. The teams had to play petanque and the losing team was eliminated, which happened to be Cedric and Shawn. For the second hour, the teams had to drive to Les Baux-de-Provence. This leg saw them building a catapult and searching a bullfighting arena for ribbons. In the end, it was Joey and Tim checking in last with Phil Keoghan and they were eliminated.

To start, the teams headed to Prague in two different flights. At the first clue was the Double U-Turn, but the first four teams to arrive did not use the U-turn on any other teams. The second group of teams on The Amazing Race 30 arrived and Jessica and Cody U-turned Trevor and Chris, which meant they had to do both parts of the Detour.



From there, the teams took on a Detour, which had them either listening to a lecture from two professors and then having to pass an oral exam afterwards or having to deliver kegs of beer and then pouring the perfect mug of beer.

Road Block

For this Road Block, the players had to go into a room full of telephones that were all ringing. Eight of the phones had a recording, which would give them a word. They had to decipher the words into a code to get the next clue. Trevor was the last player working on this Road Block, but Jessica and Cody were struggling to get a taxi to take them to the Pit Stop.

Pit Stop

The teams headed to Letenske Park for tonight’s Pit Stop, as they all checked in with Phil Keoghan. In first place were Kristi and Jen, as they won a trip to Perth. Jessica and Cody got lost after finally getting a taxi, but they made it into the sixth spot. That meant Trevor and Chris were the last team to arrive and they were eliminated tonight.


The Amazing Race 2018 moves to Wednesday nights at 9/8c starting next week for the remainder of the season.