Accused Twin Killer Alexandria Duval’s Trial: Eyewitness Speaks Out In Court

Alexandria Duval is the name of the woman on trial for the death of her twin sister, Anastasia Duval. The trial started this week and it’s up to Duval’s defense team to prove that she did not deliberately kill her twin sister by driving off a Hawaiian cliff back in 2016. She claims that the accident was indeed tragic and that she did not do this on purpose. On the second day of the trail, reports are now surfacing about an eyewitness, who has taken the stand.

Witness Lawrence Lau is in court in Wailuku, Hawaii, explaining everything he saw that day. Authorities have said that the twin sisters were in a hair-pulling fight over the steering wheel. Eyewitnesses have said that they were spotted in a fight just moments before their car went over a cliff, a cliff right beside the Hana Highway on Maui. According to a CBS News report, Alexandria Duval had to listen, as Lau explained that he could see two girls fighting in the car. He points out that the passenger was yanking the head of the driver. The prosecutor plans on using this information along with the physical evidence at the scene to show that Alexandria ran off the road deliberately.

“I could see a pair of arms from elbows to hands yanking the head of the driver. The driver’s head was being pulled to the side,” Lau explained in court, according to the report.

The physical evidence at the scene reveals that Duval may not have tried to stop the car from going over the hill. For example, prosecutor Emlyn Higa reveals that there was no braking, hard acceleration or tire marks on the road to support the case that she had tried to stop the car. Duval was driving the car, while her sister Anastasia was in the passenger seat. Another eyewitness, Chad Smith, explained that he saw the two sisters arguing as well. He couldn’t hear what they were yelling about but revealed that he thought they looked angry.

The sisters were supposedly close. According to CBS News, the two sisters were born Alison and Ann Dadow but had changed their names before moving to Hawaii in 2015. They had operated a popular yoga studio together in Florida before relocating. Alexandria hasn’t revealed what they were supposedly fighting about.