January 25, 2018
Will Jinger Duggar Have A Home Birth Like Her Sisters Or Will She Continue To 'Rebel?'

Jinger Duggar Vuolo, the sixth child of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, announced just after the new year of marriage that she and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo were expecting. Fan reactions were mixed. Some were overjoyed that the reality TV star and author had announced her pregnancy, but others were upset. Those who were upset were disappointed that Jinger, who had thus far been the only member of the family not to announce a pregnancy three months after they tied the knot, was following in her family's footsteps and having children young.

The Duggar daughter has been posting her exploits with her husband on their Instagram, and most recently went to Atlanta, where fans thought they could spot a tiny baby bump.

As Jinger Duggar Vuolo has been labeled the "rebel" daughter due to her waiting to get pregnant and the fact that she was the first daughter to break the family dress code and wear pants, fans are wondering if she will also break the mold and have a hospital delivery.

Thus far, most of her nieces and nephews have been delivered at home, except Jill Duggar Dillard's sons. The reality TV star and midwife planned to give birth to both of her sons at home but ended up having to go to the hospital both times. Her most recent arrival, Samuel Scott, was placed in the NICU shortly after birth, and though Jill hasn't revealed any complications with his health, many wonder if he has lasting health issues.

Jinger Duggar Vuolo's older sister, Jessa Duggar, gave birth at home to both of her sons, though she did have to go to the hospital after her eldest son's birth due to bleeding. Anna Duggar, the girls' sister-in-law, has also given birth at home. Many fans remember Anna Duggar laboring with her oldest child over the toilet, which some found to be a bit too graphic for television and immodest.

Right now, it is a toss up how Jinger Duggar Vuolo will choose to deliver her baby. She hasn't revealed her birth plan, but she is most likely of all of her siblings to have a birth plan that includes the hospital. However, she may surprise fans and not be the rebel they thought she was and continue the Duggar home birthing tradition.