‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Jessica And Cody Extend Their 15 Minutes Of Fame With ‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Cameos

Big Brother spoilers for Celebrity Big Brother are heating up with just 10 days left until the cast announcement of the celeb edition. And now it seems that regular BB houseguests are creating celebrity of their own. BB19 showmance partners, Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson, are stretching their 15 minutes of fame, and by the end of February, they will be on two television programs at once. These two might wind up turning their reality show appearance into true celebrity, which is doubly incredible considering that Jessica didn’t even make it to the jury. Here’s a look at what’s next for “Jody.”

Jessica Gets Preferential Treatment By CBS

If you’ve kept up with Jessica and Cody after Big Brother 19, then you’ll know that she landed one of two cameos on The Bold and the Beautiful that came post-BB. Usually, CBS selects one or two (or even three) BB houseguests for crossover appearances on Bold, and this season was no exception. What was interesting was that the network tapped Jessica just a few days after her eviction from the Big Brother house.

While Cody and the others were still busy playing the reality show, Jessica began taping her first appearance on B&B on September 5, and CBS even featured her on the show’s webpage. What was also unusual is that Jessica was featured in two October episodes when BB cameos are usually just one show. BB19 winner Josh Martinez was also granted a cameo, but he only got one episode. And now, Jessica is set for two more episodes to air in late February.

Another show with Jessica #boldandbeautiful Airs February 27 & 28 @cbsdaytime

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Cody The Marine Makes Acting Debut Next Month

Big Brother spoilers made it clear that Cody Nickson and Paul Abrahamian were bitter rivals in the BB house and they’re still not close. In his recent Reddit AMA, Cody called out Paul. On the flip side, Paul whined about a jury pact against him, with Cody as the instigator in his Reddit AMA. If you keep up with houseguests post-BB, you’ll also know that Paul landed one of the coveted Bold soap cameos after BB18 and appeared alongside Da’Vonne Rogers and Victor Arroyo.

Paul may have felt smug that he’s one of the few Big Brother alumnus to feature on the soap, but now Cody has leveled the playing field. Jessica shared an Instagram snap of her and Cody backstage at the CBS soap, and she mentioned that it was Cody’s acting debut and that the pair will appear on February 27 and 28. That bumps Jessica’s episode count to four and Cody’s to two, which is more than other past houseguests scored. BB fans may wonder whether Paul will tune in or not.

Cody And Jessica On Two TV Shows In February

If you haven’t been watching, you should know that Jessica and Cody are on The Amazing Race right now and doing pretty well. On the second episode, they landed in first place and on the third episode, which aired this week, they ranked fifth in the middle of the pack. They’re doing well, haven’t been bickering like many of the racing pairs, and Cody got the chance to show off some of the Arabic he learned while serving in the Marines overseas.

TAR usually airs for about two months while the actual race runs 30 days. The Race will still be airing through the end of February, so if Jessica and Cody stick around that long, they may be on CBS on both daytime and nighttime programming for The Bold and the Beautiful and Amazing Race. On the soap, Jessica plays a hostess at a restaurant that features prominently called Il Giardino, and she plays a hostess named “Jody” in honor of her showmance smush name.

Mario Kart 64 against the Indy 500 winner

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There’s no word yet on who Cody’s character will be, but it has to be better than Josh’s terrible cameo as a chef awkwardly preparing, you guessed it, meatballs. And while some Big Brother houseguests didn’t care for Cody, he obviously bonded with some of his co-competitors on Race. The pic above, from Cody’s Instagram, is him with fellow racer Alexander Rossi, the 2016 Indy 500 winner, who is (ironically) playing Mario Kart with the ex-Marine.

You can see Amazing Race, featuring Jess and Cody, Wednesday nights on CBS, and to catch the duo in their joint soap debut, tune into CBS daytime the last two days of this month to catch them on Bold and the Beautiful. While you wait for the premiere of Big Brother: Celebrity Edition, be sure to check out photos of the CBB US house, the cast reveal date, and some recent casting rumors. Check back often for the latest Celebrity Big Brother spoilers and news.