London Is A ‘S***hole,’ Breitbart London Editor Raheem Kassam Claims [Video]

Kirsty WigglesworthAP Images

While the national and international media, as well as the political class, continue to be consumed with alleged comments by U.S. President Donald Trump about “s***hole countries,” Raheem Kassam is turning his attention to matters closer to home.

In an interview on Sky News in the U.K., the Breitbart London editor asserted that given the latest crime statistics, the city of London has issues. Referencing those numbers, the journalist described his city as devolving into a “s***hole” under Mayor Sadiq Khan, who was first elected in May 2016, the Guardian reported.

Kassam, who was a former aide to ex-UKIP leader Nigel Farage and briefly flirted with running for the leadership position himself when Farage stepped down after the Brexit vote, ostensibly was invited on Sky News to talk about Trump’s controversial comments.

Kassam maintained that he was fine with the language that the president allegedly used because discussions about illegal immigration need to be free of political correctness. Insisting that there are countries around the world that are bad, he added that Trump was not criticizing people from those countries. Instead, he was alluding to corrupt regimes and other factors that contribute to some nations becoming impoverished. Kassam further observed that Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama, favored the use of profanity in the Oval Office, and recalled that VP Joe Biden was caught on a live mic dropping an F-bomb after Obamacare cleared Congress.

President Trump has admitted using “tough” language in his meeting with lawmakers, but not the terminology that was leaked to the media. Kassam, who has been spending a lot of time on this side of the Atlantic lately, separately tweeted that U.S. journalists for years have privately applied similar profanity to express their disdain for Middle America.

The Breitbart Editor and Trump supporter also explained that he disagreed with the president’s reasoning for cancelling his trip to London to cut the ribbon on the new U.S. embassy there. While Trump tweeted that he’s staying home because the embassy location proved to be an inadequate financial outcome for the U.S., Kassam suggested it was just the opposite. But with London Mayor Khan stirring up so much anti-Trump sentiment by repeatedly saying the president is not welcome in the city, thus raising the possibility of civil disturbances, the president may have made a good decision to postpone the visit, Kassam claimed.

As the interview continued, Raheem Kassam deemed London as the acid-attack capital of the world and a municipality that has experienced an immense increase in gun and knife crime, along with rapes and burglaries and youth homicides, since Sadiq Kahn took office. According to Kassam, Sadiq Kahn is more interested in weighing in on international politics than addressing the situation on the ground in London.

Raheem Kassam concluded the interview with the following statement.

“To borrow a phrase from Donald Trump, London is turning into a s***hole under Sadiq Khan.”

Parenthetically, Donald Trump has apparently impacted the culture to the degree such that publishing or broadcasting the “S-word” is now acceptable rather than bleeping it out.

Watch the Sky News interview with Breitbart London Editor Raheem Kassam below.