‘The Amazing Race’ 2018 Spoilers: Season 30 Final 3 Reportedly Revealed, Rumors Swirl About Supposed Winners

Timothy KuratekCBS

It is time for the premiere of The Amazing Race, and spoilers tease that this will be an intense competition. The Season 30 cast includes Big Brother lovebirds Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf, and “Jody” fans are dying to find out how the BB19 stars did. Could they have won first place? There are some Amazing Race spoilers for this 2018 season floating around, and fans will not want to miss these.

The Amazing Race spoilers for Season 30 detail that the teams will head to Iceland first, and the battle will take them through Belgium, Morocco, Saint Tropez, France, the Czech Republic, Zimbabwe, Bahrain, Thailand, and Hong Kong before the final battle in San Francisco, California. There are plenty of twists and turns thrown at the teams throughout their travels, and there seems to be a bit of mystery remaining regarding the ultimate finale placements.

According to the Amazing Race spoilers via the Reality Fan Forum page, the final three teams faced several challenges once they arrived in San Francisco for the final leg. It seems that in one portion of this finale leg they were tasked with figuring out how many career home runs Willie Mays hit by using kayaks to search for baseballs with the correct numbers. After that, they used Zodiac boats for another task and spent time racing through the Pier 15 Exploratorium area, as well as Chinatown, before crossing the finish line.

There have been many seasons where Amazing Race spoilers explicitly pinpointed the finishing order of the last three teams, but Season 30 may be an exception. The last components of the battle seemingly took place late at night, and the buzz is that the finish line was in a spot that couldn’t be viewed by random bystanders. The final three teams have been uncovered, but a lot of speculation is swirling about the order in which they finished.

Amazing Race spoilers detail that Big Brother 19 stars Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf are in that last battle, as are retired skiers Kristi Leskinen and Jen Hudak. The third finalist is believed to be the debate team of Henry Zhang and Evan Lynyak. It sounds as if the order of the three pairs shifts more than once during the San Francisco tasks, and the buzz is that Kristi and Jen were spotted in the lead shortly before the finish line.

At the Previously TV forum, Amazing Race spoiler fans have noted that a San Francisco local reportedly claimed to have the inside scoop that they posted on Twitter. The posts detail that Kristi and Jen won first place, with Cody and Jessica taking second, and Evan and Henry ending up third. A lot of BB19 Jody fans maintain that Nickson and Graf may well have won, but it doesn’t look as if there is necessarily any concrete intel backing that up.

Will the rumors placing Kristi Leskinen and Jen Hudak first, Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf second, and Henry Zhang and Evan Lynyak third on Season 30 of The Amazing Race pan out to be true? The 2018 outing of the long-running CBS staple debuts on Wednesday, January 3, and people are anxious to see how the battle plays out this time around.