Diamond Dallas Page Goes Viral With Christmas-Themed Animated Video 'Twas The Smackdown Before Christmas'

For many professional wrestlers, being a three-time world champion would be the pinnacle of their career. In the case of Diamond Dallas Page, being one of the top draws of the late 1990s is only one of the WWE Hall of Famer's successes. As the founder of DDP YOGA, Page is at the center of a positivity movement which has led countless people to change their lives for the better. The DDP YOGA program -- known as "DDPY" for short -- is the first program of its kind, not only by merging fitness principles with nutrition, celebrities, and motivational content but by being part of an interactive app that can be done from anywhere one has a few feet of space and an internet connection. Furthermore, these workouts can be done by anyone of any age, fitness background, or skill level. In addition to his DDPY workshops and wrestling-related appearances all over the world, Page also pops up regularly in television and film projects and currently has a new book in the works.

Just in time for the holiday season, Page unveiled a video on Christmas Eve titled "'Twas the Smackdown Before Christmas." An animated video written and produced by "DGDX" D.M. Galloway, the 11-minute short opens up with action figures of WCW legends Page and Sting wrestling at Madison Square Garden. This leads to the animated figure of Page talking backstage with figures of Scott Hall and Jake "The Snake" Roberts; Rikk Hall fills in on voice duties for the former Razor Ramon. After that, the three DDPY followers get into some trouble with Santa Claus, even though Page had proclaimed himself to be "on the nice list since '56." Ultimately, "Smackdown" has both action and humor in it, while delivering a timeless holiday message of sorts. Within one hour of posting, it had over 10,000 views and over 100,000 views within 24 hours of posting.

Last year, Page also experienced notable success with the launch of the free app, DDP's Video Alarm Clock. He will be part of the upcoming Rock N' Wrestling Cruise being put on by Chris Jericho and is set to host the 6th Annual DDPY Retreat in Mexico in July 2018.