WWE ‘Raw’ Results: Christmas Brings Big Championship Change In Chicago


The latest WWE Raw results from Monday night in Chicago, Illinois, featured a shocking championship change on the roster. During the Christmas 2017 live episode, plenty of big matches included free agent John Cena back in action, as well as two championship matches on the card. In one of them, Roman Reigns successfully defended the WWE Intercontinental title in a match against Samoa Joe. In the other championship match, Sheamus and Cesaro were booked to defend the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship belts. One of those two titles now has changed hands, as Seth Rollins and his brand new tag partner were able to claim the tag team titles.

As reported in the Raw episode results from ProWrestling.net, the commentators indicated that Dean Ambrose recently had surgery and could be on the shelf for up to nine months. Due to that, Seth Rollins was teamed up with Kurt Angle’s son Jason Jordan on the latest show in what was considered “an unlikely tandem.” The duo not only was booked for the Raw main event match, but it was to challenge “The Bar,” aka Sheamus and Cesaro, for the tag team titles. That match went over 15 minutes and featured plenty of interesting spots. At one point, Cesaro had a Sharpshooter on Jason Jordan who was able to escape it and roll Cesaro into the inside cradle pinfall.


Later, after Seth Rollins had managed to break up a pinfall attempt from the champs, Sheamus was able to put his submission hold on Jordan. However, Jordan escaped the Cloverleaf hold by getting to the ropes to break it up. Moments later, a bit of chaos occurred outside the ring as Sheamus went after Rollins and got shoved into the steel steps. Cesaro attacked Rollins outside the ring and hit an uppercut but as he got back into the ring, Jason Jordan was ready with a pop-up neck breaker for the winning pinfall.

The big victory means that Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan are the new tag team champions on the Raw roster. After the win, Raw General Manager Kurt Angle arrived out to congratulate his son as part of the new champions. It gives Jordan his second championship on the main roster as he previously won the WWE SmackDown Live tag team titles with Chad Gable. Rollins is now a three-time tag champion having previously held the belts with Roman Reigns and then more recently for a reign with Dean Ambrose.

The title change comes after Ambrose’s recent “injury” angle which will have him away from action for months. It’s already being speculated that due to this title change in his early absence, it could be a way to bring Ambrose back in a new “heelish” role to go after Rollins and/or Jordan. It should be interesting to see how long this title run lasts for and which team ends up defeating them in the future.