Chrissy Teigen Photoshops Her Photo, And The Internet Goes Nuts

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Christmas came early for Twitter followers of Chrissy Teigen, who is no stranger to entertaining her over 9.17 million fans on the social media platform with hilarious posts and photos.

This time, the 32-year-old model caused quite a brouhaha on social media by pulling out the iconic Nicki Minaj pose. In the photo, Teigen Photoshopped her head on the body of Minaj in her butt-bearing squat pose featured on the cover of the rapper’s “Anaconda” song.

But the out-of-this-world photo wasn’t just posted by Chrissy Teigen because she was bored. The soon-to-be-mother-of-two posted the Photoshopped pic when responding to her pal, John Mayer, who took to Twitter on Friday to complain about the overuse of Photoshop and retouching on the internet.

“Nothing provides a clear view into someone’s taste, eye or intentions like the way they retouch a photo,” Mayer wrote. Teigen, for her part, decided to mock Mayer’s tweet by posting the Photoshopped Nicki Minaj photo.

The photo triggered an outpour of comments from Twitter fans, some of whom actually thought it was an authentic photo of Chrissy Teigen’s body.

Mayer himself couldn’t believe his eyes, and responded to the model that he was “dying” of laughter. He also added that he took a screenshot of the hilarious Twitter post.


The post even prompted a response from Nicki Minaj, the owner of the butt in Teigen’s Photoshopped photo. But the rapper was unexpectedly laconic, and let a crying laughing emoji do the talking.


To make sure that her 21 million-strong Twitter following sees the Photoshopped photo of Teigen, the rapper even retweeted it.

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But turns out Teigen has been playing around with Photoshop for quite a while now. The model admitted that she had the edited photo of Minaj since September, 2015, adding, “I did not know this. now this is weird.”


When posting the photo, Teigen didn’t seem to realize that Mayer and Minaj actually fancy one another. Back in September, Mayer admitted to spending “an inordinate amount of time per day” wondering if Minaj would “like” him or not.

The rapper jumped in to ignite dating rumors and tweeted, “Would my body be your wonderland?” referencing Mayer’s single.


Mayer was taken aback by Minaj’s flirty response, and admitted to losing his “s**t.”

While the duo certainly triggered romance rumors, it’s not clear if Minaj and Mayer have ever taken their back-and-forth teasing any further than just a flirty Twitter exchange.